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KOF XIV : All characters are already playable

Posted Jan 31 2016 at 22:18 (Sun)

KOF XIV features a robust roster of 50 characters, slowly getting revealed via Trailers by SNKPlaymore. In an exclusive interview with, producer Yasuyuki Oda reveals that all of them are already in playable state albeing lacking the proper polish. The following is a short exerpt; hit the link for the full long interview.

As of right now, how many of the gameís characters are in a playable state?

Oda: Theyíre all currently playable right now, and they have basic moves, but many of them lack proper polish at the moment. Soon, though!

How do you plan to approach things like post-release updates, and how does the advent of post-release patches affect development of fighting games?

Oda: Weíll definitely be patching the game as people play it. Way back, you couldnít really ďfixĀEproblems with a game post-release unless you spent a bunch to burn and distribute new ROMs. Itís very different now. Iíve experienced situations to fix bugs years after we thought we were done in the past! But since some development staff had moved on to other projects, it became a lot more difficult to do. So yes, post-release fixes are an interesting challenge in the current market.

Thanks to neo0r0chiaku for the news.

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