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Maou's guide to Dragon's Crown Artworks & OST

Posted Jan 10 2016 at 17:15 (Sun)

If you're a fan of the Dragon's Crown series much like many members of the MMCafe but you still haven't picked up the Artworks book or OST, you'll certainly want to check out Maou's extensive review of the two products. Here's just a quick sample:

Come one, come all, to the Dragonís Crown artbook-fest! In my quest to make everyone buy everything Vanillaware makes, hereís some notes on the artbook. Letís say that the pictures are of low quality to encourage you to buy the real thing, and not because I just took them with a phone!

This is an extremely high-quality production, with vibrant colors, high-quality printing, and a treasure trove of art truly worthy of Vanillawareís craftsmanship. Itís 208 pages, softback, long horizontally, and 2800 yen. There are a few unfortunate editorial mistakes that should keep you from throwing away your pre-order artbook, but itís still outstanding. As Prof noted, the new artwork for the soundtrack booklet is not included, ensuring the reflexive need to create a new artbook in order to include the new artwork that came out at the time of artbook.

Main character artwork (p. 3-16):
Oddly enough, this is the weakest section. As Prof mentioned, unlike the pre-order book, not all in-game model art is reproduced here, even though some frames selected are larger. Crucially, the tentacle/snake squeeze frame is missing.

Story artwork (p. 18-39, 90-102):
Iíd read that we were getting the art for the A/B path fork in the dungeons, but I was delightfully surprised to find all story/character art from the town and endings, too. Relax drunkenly at the Dragonís Heaven Inn! Poke at Morgan without getting turned into a frog! Gaze naughtily at the spirit from the dungeon A/B fork! Relive the time you got sent to jail for being such a moron to the townspeople!

For Maou's full reviews, hit the BBS from the links below--


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