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Lost Saga gets new NeoGeo hero in 2 years

Posted Jan 10 2016 at 14:12 (Sun)

I.O. Entertainment's MO Action RPG Lost Saga is once again getting character(s) from SNKPlaymore's NeoGeo. Galford from the Samurai Shodown/Spirits series is making his way to the game, together with the female counterpart which Lost Saga has for all its characters.

- Pictures of male and female Galford (LostSaga XYZ)
- Gameplay video (Youtube)

The last SNK character released on Lost Saga was Nakoruru in 2013, not long before the game coincedently ended services in Japan on Feb 2014. Other SNK characters in Lost Saga include Mai, Iori, Kyo, and Haoumaru. The game also features characters from Ark System Works' Blazblue franchise.

Thanks to Loona for the news.
Images from LostSaga XYZ

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