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News From 3/30/01

Tokyo Game Show Special-
  Details, Downloads, and views from a Madman
Tokyo Game Show Special- Capcom
Tokyo Game Show Special- Tecmo
Tokyo Game Show Special- Square
News From 3/29/01

Capcom vs SNK Pro announced as a Dreamcast release -
Two characters revealed
KOF2001 "Dream Match Revival"(tentative title) to be released-
  All Rumors Explained, Cleared

GameSpot Japan: Sega and Namco collaborates on Newspaper
Advertizement, Hints to possibility of a joined project
Konami Online.com, to Start test operaton from April 1st
Nikkei IT: Osaka- Major Game Companies Lose in Battle
against Used Games
Bloomberg: Microsoft partnerships with NTT Communications for X-Box; ADSL Service
Bloomberg: Bringing 1,000 Samurai to Game Fans Gives
Capcom Cost Headaches

News From 3/28/01

Associated Press: Pokemon Followers to be "Disciplined"
  in Saudi Arabia
BroadBand Adapter DC Game "Backup" utility released
Dessert: Looking back at Capcom vs SNK
Short Comment: Bill Gates Already In Japan

Bloomberg: Microsoft Won't Have Online Xbox Games This Year,
  Document Says
GameSpot: US Game Boy Advance launch shipment cut in half
News From 3/26/01

Bloomberg: Capcom Stock rises by 10% due to Onimusha-
  Arcade Market Analyzed as Less Influential
Nikkan Kougyou: Sega to Restart in Amusement Facilities
Konami to Enter the Pachinko Industry
Square's FFIX Wins 3 places at the Annual Interactive Acheivement Awards
PSO -Famitsu Cup, Battling with infringed data
Short Comment: NetBSD for Dreamcast
Short Comment: Game for the MSX to be released ... at this Century
Short Comment: (Bloomberg) Macdonalds plans to take over Japan-
  triple the number of Shops by 2010
News From 3/23/01

Final Fantasy X to be playable at upcoming Tokyo Game Show
MMCafe Random Snapshot Series: #1- Capcom vs SNK resemblance
Reuters: Sony Playstation2 Shipments Hit 10 Million
Reuters: Nintendo contracts with MegaChips & Macronix for Microchip Manufacturing
Capcom Onimusha to record as the first Playstation2 Million seller
Short Comment- Own a peice of useless old Russia. Burnt.
News From 3/21/01

Techside: Game Boy Advance Disection
BCN/Bloomberg: Sega Vice President to take over as President
Impress GameWatch: PSO ver.2 release on 5/17, additional images available
Famitsu Stores overloads with visitors -Shopping unavailable
News From 3/19/01

Official Public Statement made by Capcom
Neo Geo World -Tokyo Bayside, to close down
G-time: Comments by Capcom's Securities Business Division on Nikkei's report
Bloomberg Japan: Nikkei's report of Capcom Arcade withdrawal, not effecting stocks
The Nikkei Journal also to Report of Capcom Arcade withdrawal
NTT EG: Details on Tokyo Game Show "Capcom vs SNK PRO" Tournament
News From 3/18/01

Nikkei Telecom 21 reports Capcom to discontinue from Arcade Market
GameSpot Japan: Capcom Announces Capcom vs SNK Pro,
Capcom vs SNK 2 to be displayed at upcoming Tokyo Game Show
News From 3/17/01

Nikkei IT: Sega to have New President and CEO
Short Comment- NeoGeo-Freak.com
Short Comment- NTT EG: Wind of Klonoa GBA sequential images
News From 3/16/01

Sega's Isao Okawa deceases at age 74
Capcom to display Street Fighter 2 Advance and Final Fight at TGS; Images Available
Namco's Pacman to be available for Sipping
Aruze to become special sponsor for "K-1 WORLD GP 2001"

SNK begins Super Real Mahjong Poll, Downloads available as well
"Ayanami Raising Project" Quicktime movie released (Non-streaming)
Short Comment- Soccer!!! Sega Consoles!!! PSO ver.2 looks fun
News From 3/15/01

PS2ign: Sony Buys Emulation Technology
"Super Mario Advance 2" to be remake of "Super Mario World" on SNES
Gaming Age: Phantasy Star Online Ver.2 images

Reuters: SCEI Emphasizes to have No plans on releasing a Portable game machine
Misc News: Ecole may ressurect *the* Death Crimson
News From 3/14/01

Gainax announces Rei Ayanami Growth Simulation Game
Challenger- Sengoku Denshou 2001 (MVS) Clip, Etc DownLoadable
Gamespot Japan- Square CG Department Head comment bits on Square CG Enviornment

Short Comment- Guilty Gear X Sequel to come about?
Short Comment: Phantasy Star Online append disk possibly to be released
News From 3/13/01

Former Sega CEO Irimajiri to work under X-Box Distributor
Impress Corp: Nintendo to display unannounced GBA titles at TGS
Seaman for Windows- SEAMAIL announced
News From 3/12/01

SNK in financial difficulty; request to Government for extention on tax payment
Bloomberg: SCEI, IBM & Toshiba to make new Chip, SCEI also to develop new chip
  for PlayStation series
Short comment: Interesting images from the Weekly Jump

Reuters: Microsoft declines comment on Xbox profitability
"X-BOX.com returns 03-13-01"
News From 3/10/01

Misc News- Bloomberg: Prime Minister Mori to Resign seat
Eldorado Gate to conclude at 7 volumes; originally scheduled at 24 volumes
News From 3/9/01

SCEI to install Copy Protection System for PS2 on release of HDD
Sega to open competition: The "PSO Cup" to Begin
Debug mode found for PS2 version of Bloody Roar 3
Dessert: Infoseek Beaten Badly by Yahoo

Sakura Wars 3 Related Movie files Downloadable
News From 3/8/01

Dessert- Bloody Roar 3 Trailer
Bloomberg Japan: Analyst Says Game Cube release may possibly be Delayed

Short comment: Bloomberg- Yen Falls as Miyazawa Says
  Japan's Finances Close to Collapse
Short Comment: Reuters- Schwarzenegger denies ruling out
  possibility for Mayor position in California
News From 3/7/01

Dessert- Sister Princess Trailers
Nintendo announces Metroid & etc for GBAdvance, aims sales of 24 million GBA units
Reuters: Analysts Say Microsoft to lose 130$ per machine sold, Xbox Payoff 5 Years Away

Bloomberg/C-Net: Possible X-Box delay in Japan due to lack of third party games
Phantasy Star Online server hacked, server halted for Emergency Maintenance
Reuters: Nintendo contracts with Olympus for optical on Gameboy Advance
Misc News- Petition for Linux on the Playstation2
Misc News- Cnet: NakedWife virus Reported to rape PCs
News From 3/6/01

Dessert: Wind of Klonoa2 Trailer
Misc News- CNN: Michael Jackson flys to United Kingdom for lectures

Aruze Purchases broadcasting company

Tokyo Game Show to have 131 games on display- Decrease to 30% of previous Show volume
Capcom to begin tournament "Capcom vs SNK- Fighting knuckle to the next millennium"
Short comment: Asahi News- Police uncovers production line of Lethal, Shooting Pens
News From 3/5/01

SFEX developer Arika announces "Net de Long" Mah-jong Game
The Typing of the Dead Demo released
Short Comment: Fan-Based & Created Final Fantasy Love Simulation game Project

Capcom discontinues Membership based Fan Club "Capcom Friendly Club"
Capcom announces Scheduled games for the Tokyo Game Show
43% of gamers are women -PC Magazine article
Short comment: SFEX Clamp drawn Chun-li and Hokuto Ad from 1998
News From 3/4/01

Nakoruru Adventure Game to be released on Windows platform
Namco announces Tekken 4, SoulCalibur, Ace Combat 4 - fixes income estimate
Square releases Final Fantasy X goods- Tidus & Yuna accessories

Mid-term results of FFX single CD's coupling announced
Toromail.com opens- Server overloads with fans
Nikkei IT: GameBoy Advance rescheduled for release in 6/11 - North America
Get your name in Metal Gear Solid 2, get killed by Solid Snake
FGN Online: Acclaim to release Crazy Taxi for the Playstation 2

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