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-Done on 6/22/99-   
King Of Fighters 99- First Shots from DC's Gallery    Copyright SNk, 1999
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Thanks to Sie Kensou of the KOF Mailing List ( to address the URL where the images can be located: -The opened directory belonging to  Banner Keung 
Special thanks to MoonRun, who had contacted the MMCafe about this matter. 

As noted in previous articles, the DreamCast KOF99 (arcade equalvalent to KOF98) includes an art gallery  in which images of upcoming characters from the Arcade version of KOF99 are present. 
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While the DC's KOF99 official release date is 6/24, the images from the gallery have already been released due to a player in Hong Kong.  
In the pictures, two of the five new characters can be confirmed. The long haired character is probable to be K' (Kuniharu Nikaidou) of Japan/Benimaru's team, while the little boy is probable to be Pao in the Psycho Soldier Team. This leaves Makishima- the substitue for Goro Daimon in Japan/Benimaru's team, Whip- The whip using female in Ikari team, and Jon (Fon?) of Kim's team, to be unraveled.   
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 In addition, Xiangfei and Kasumi (with a new ponytail hair) can be confirmed, as well as new costumes for Athena, Chin Gensai, Robert (AoF1 style), Ralf and Clark 
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Renewed Costume Characters: 
Athena | Chin Gensai | Robert Garcia | Ralf Jones | Clark Steele 
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