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-Done on 6/22/99-   
The King Of Fighters 99 Member Roster & Full Storyline Copyright SNK, 1999
Image Source: PapPaoCafe
This Team Roster for The King Fighters-Millenium Battle- ,  was graciously donated by ChaRles!,  of the PaoPao Cafe.  For the original article, visit his site at 

ChaRles! had compilated the following list after contacting magazine editors in Hong Kong via Internet Newsgroup. Thus so, he himself points out that there is no assurance to the roster being 100% accurate with as some fundamental points are already missing (namely the existance of over 7 female characters, and Iori not being listed within the edit-only character slot). However this Roster can be used as a quick outlook to what may come in the near future. 
For any questions or comments, check ChaRles'!'es  site or mail him at: 

Japan Team
Shingo Yabuki Benimaru Nikaidou K' Makishima
  *From a member of the SSI: K is rumored to be named Kuniharu Nikaidou-the main character.
Fatal Fury Team
Terry Bogard Andy Bogard Joe Higashi Mai Shiranui
Art Of Fighting Team
Ryo Sakazaki Robert Garcia Takuma Sakazaki Yuri Sakazaki
Psycho Soldier Team
Athena Asamiya Sie Kensou Chin Gensai Pao
Kim Team
Kim Kaphwan Choi Bonge Chang Kohan Jon
Ikari Team
Leona Ralf Jones Clark Steele Uippu
 *Uippu- Probably mistranslation to Whip
Female Fighters Team
King Blue Mary Kasumi Xiangfei
Edit Only
Kyo ver1  Kyo ver 2


The KOF99 Storyline 

Invitations to a New KOF were sent to fighters around the globe. But unlike in the   past years, this KOF was different- there were no signs of global publicity or interest. 

While the fighters waited in suspision, a new rule was revealed for the tournament-while the battles were to be made on a 3-on-3 basis, a new striker system was to be adopted into the matches.   

As the fighters heard the change in awe, Heidern had his suspicions on the tournament itself  and decided to   send Ralf and the others to the tournament. Meanwhile, Benimaru Nikaidou was invited as a special guest to the   tournament, as a member of a special team. However, in his member rooster were listed two names which the world of   martial arts have never  heard until now... Makishima, and an initial: K'. ,  

While not completely convinced about this year's KOF, the fighters enter the tournament.  
What is the Striker Match? and what is the secret behind this KOF? While all the mysteries remain present, the tournament begins...