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-Done on 6/17/99-   
Storyline + Coallated  Information on King Of Fighters 99 Copyright SNK, 1999
The following is a core part of the storyline to The King Of Fighters 99, donated in part by a member of the SSI 
While the New KOF tournament was announced, Heidern had his suspicions and decided to send Ralf and the others to the tournament. Meanwhile, Benimaru Nikaidou was invited as a special guest to the tournament, as a member of a special team. However, in his member rooster were listed two names which the world of martial arts have never heard until now... Maxima, and an initial: K'. 


While News release  is still staggering, the following are coallated and partially updated  pieces of information released by SNK regarding The King Of Fighters 99. 
1- Five New Characters to Be in KOF99 
It has been confirmed that out of the 30 characters to be in KOF99, 5 are new characters. One of the five, is the new main character as mentioned in previous articles. While no specific information has been released on the new main character, he is to follow the tradition of the game series and be a stylish handsome character.  There is a new female character confirmed to be in the game as well. In addition to the 5 characters, the last boss itself is confirmed to be a new character.  

2- Kyo and Benimaru Confirmed 
It has been confirmed that Kyo and Benimaru will not be in the same team in KOF99. Thus so, this also means that the two characters are confirmed to be in the game. 
3- Iori also to be present..? 
In another interview done with Hiroyuki Kawano, it has been mentioned that "while the main character is new, the former characters are present... and the new character does have some connection". While no comments have been made directly on names, this can possibly taken as Iori, as well as Kyo- who himself  has been already confimed. 

4- Females in KOF99 
While no names have been mentioned, KOF99 is to have 7 female characters in total, out of the 30 characters in the game. 
5- The Form of selecting a Striker 
The player can select the striker for the battle at the time of the match's order select screen. 
6- Striker Stocks 
Likewise to the DM stocks of Advanced mode in KOF98, the stocks to calling out the striker begins from 3, and can be stocked up to 5.  Unlike the assists in previous KOF series, the strikers do inflict damage when they attack on the screen. 
7- Teamings 
Not all teams have new characters- some consists of only old characters. 
Indifferently so, no teams consist of only new characters. 
8- Designs 
While a good effort has been put into the new characters and their designs, also a number of characters from the past have concentrated changes in costumes. 
9- KOF99 -The DreamCast Version 
While not new news, The Dreamcast's version of KOF98 also named "KOF99" supports connection to the NeoGeo Pocket Color and its KOF-R-2 game. In playing the NeoPColor game, secret gallery images can be unlocked for viewing in the DreamCast KOF98.   
While this may seen unrelated to the arcade version of KOF99, SNK has hinted that the new main character in the Arcade version of KOF99 is hidden within the gallery.  Whether or not this also means that SNK will not release information on the New main character until after 6/24 -the release date of the DreamCast KOF99, is not known as of the present. 

10- The Future of KOF99 
While not definite, Hiroyuki Kawano had spoken that it is highly possible that KOF99 may not be the last KOF game, as it is the beginning of a new start. The new KOF may continue on as a new series, and the storyline and game system may develop by the years, likewise to KOF94-98. 
Be on the lookout for more information within the coming days and weeks, at The Madman's Cafe. 
On an indirectly related note, KOF99's Producer Hiroyuki Kawano mentioned in the previous KOF99 article is also one of the project leaders to the upcoming SNK vs Capcom line-ups, as can be seen from the phtoto below taken during the last Tokyo Game Show. 
The SNK vs Capcom announcement in March
(Note: this KOF99 article pertains to the  Arcade version, and is different from the DreamCast version of King Of Fighters 99 scheduled for release on 6/24. The DreamCast version is based on the MVS KOF98.)