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All KOFXIV DLC characters coming April 5

Posted Mar 30 2017 at 05:24 (Thu)

SNKPlaymore made its fourth DLC character announcement for KOFXIV today, but that's not the only big news that the company had under its sleeves.

Through Sony's Official Playstation blog, the seasoned fighting game developer revealed that all four DLC characters will become available simultaneously on April 5.

What's more, the additional stages and BGM tracks for the game--which already has been announced as free DLC--will also come on the same day.

The blog post, written by KOF14's producer Yasuyuki Oda, interestingly also emphasizes that Rock Howard won't be a low tier character the way he was in his original Neo Geo debut of Garou: Mark Of the Wolves. While it's almost unheard of for a game developer to publically state that a character isn't weak, it's understandable given that Oda has special feelings towards the character which he and his fellow development team members created back in the late 90s.

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