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KOF gets new TV advertisement

Posted Jan 18 2017 at 14:30 (Wed)

It's been decades since a NeoGeo title had its own TV commercial, and it's finally happened in the year 2017.

Well, Sort of. Technically.

The well-funded Social game app The King of Fighters 98 UM Online recently started running TV ads in Japan and while it's not really a game by SNK--it's from a licensed publisher--the ad is making headlines amongst the older crowd, simply because it's been ages since they heard an SNK game getting shouted in their living room's tube.

It's not surprising since TV ad spots are expensive in Japan albeit not to the extent of the US Market. It costs around 40K to 80K USD per 15 second spot on national broadcast depending on the hour, not to mention at least 500K to shoot one.

But considering KOF98UMOL's publisher Ourpalm even has their own Twitter hashtag icon for the game and that costs into the seven digits (read: that's a million dollars), running this ad probably didn't dent their budget.

Check out the ad and its behind-the-scenes video from below.

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