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GRANBLUE SHODOWN starting tomorrow

Posted Jan 11 2017 at 15:12 (Wed)

SNK's collaboration with Cygames' megahit smartphone RPG Granblue Fantasy will start tomorrow, which seems appropriate for a slash-em-up swords game considering it'll be a Friday the 13th.

In-game, there's already an introduction section giving first glimpes at what this tie-in chapter GRANBLUE SHOWDOWN will feature. We already knew from last year that the franchise's protagonists Haoumaru and Nakoruru will be in the game, and it's now confirmed that they'll be playable even after the campaign as long as the player acquires them during the event through grinding or item exchanges. This is identical to most other tie-ins that've happened with Granblue Fantasy.

Aside from Haoumaru and Nakoruru, a slew of other characters will be in the chapter with their authentic VAs doing voiceovers.

Haoumaru: Daiki Nakamura (CvS2~)
Nakoruru: Mai Nakahara (KOF14)
Genjuro: Kong Kuwata (SS2~)
Rimururu: Hitomi Nabatame (SSZero, SSSen)
Amakusa: Eiji Yano (SS1~)

The GRANBLUE SHOWDOWN chapter will run for ten days between Jan 13-23.

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