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KOFXIV 1.10 update details and demo

Posted Dec 5 2017 at 21:08 (Mon)

Fans of KOFXIV won't have to wait until the next installment for better graphics as developers at SNK are prepping a free update for January 2017. Since earlier this week, the Osaka-based publisher has been releasing teasers on a version 1.10 patch that features lighting effect upgrades amongst other visual improvements.

Now via the Playstation Japan blog, more details have surfaced about the 1.10 patch and it seems that there will be more than just graphics coming to the game. The following is a translation by The Madman's Cafe.

Ver 1.10 Additions:

- 50 Additional player icons (all selectable from start)
- 100 Additional titles (each unlocked per online match)
- Game now has 6 colors per character (previously 4)
- More Spectator SE varieties (for party battle mode)
- Misc function updates and fixes

To note in particular, the patch will not feature any balance updates.
While there weren't any particular balance change reports from the PSX2016 event this weekend in Anaheim, development staff Hidetoshi Ishizawa(Neo-G) has confirmed that the 1.10 update will be dedicated to visuals and functions.

Second KOFXIV coming this month

The upcoming Second demo of KOFXIV coming later this month will feature the new graphical improvements and 6 selectable colors. A few of the playable characters are different from the previous demo as seen in the roster below.

Ver.2.0 Demo - Playable characters
Kyo Kusanagi
Iori Yagami
King of Dinosaurs
Terry Bogard
Yuri Sakazaki

Ver2.0 - Available game modes:
Tutorial mode
VS mode
Training mode

For additional images, check the official PlayStation Japan blog from below.

News from: PlayStation_Blog

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