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Rurouni Kenshin making a Comeback

Posted Dec 1 2017 at 23:56 (Thu)

For fans of the good old 1990s era, today certainly feels like a huge blast from the past. Not only has SNKPlaymore returned to its roots as SNK, the hit manga series Rurouni Kenshin has also been confirmed to make a comeback.

According to reports, Watsuki Nobuhiro's series will be returning in spring and starting a new chapter. This time the story will take place in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan isolated from the mainland.

Having the series continue in Hokkaido was a plan that Watsuki long had in mind, but he decided to conclude the series where the chapter felt the most appropriate.

In the book Kenshin Kaden from 1999, Watsuki talked about his ideas of starting a new Hokkaido chapter where Soujirou was one of the main cast, and bringing in Shinpachi Nagakura from the Shinsengumi as a new character.

If the series had continued, Watsuki wanted to twist its direction to a "Kenshin meets the wild west" styled chapter with government cavalries and outlaws, but he instead started the shortlived GUN BLAZE WEST weekly series after the Kenshin series concluded.

We'll need to wait and see what he has in mind for the actual 2017 series.

For a larger image of the thumbnail, check the link below.

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