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KOF14's DLC to be locked to account

Posted Aug 19 2017 at 22:06 (Fri)

[Update] According to reports from early purchasers, KOFXIV's DLC-- at least the DLC skins that came as a bonus, can be used on multiple accounts. We'll need to wait and see if the same holds true for paid content.

If you're the personality that prefers to buy downloadable content on a separate account from your playing account let it be for extra security or whatnot, be warned: Just like with Street Fighter V, you won't be able to use it.

According to SNK's official KOFXIV Q&A page, DLCs in KOFXIV can only be used on the account that it was purchased.

This is a huge difference from KOFXIII, which allowed players to use purchased DLC on any of their accounts as long as it's on the same PS3 console. So when buying DLCs for KOFXIV, be sure to do so with your playing account.

The KOFXIV's Q&A section that covers this tidbit alongside other information is currently available in Japanese only. For the time being, the following is a translated synopsis by MMCafe.

- NAT Type 3 users are likely to have difficulties connecting online so they need to check their settings (Refer to Sony's manual).

- DLC can only be used by the purchased account.

- A digitally purchased copy of KOFXIV can be installed to another PS4 by transferring the account that was used for making its purchase.

- If you're in standby for ranked match but you're not connecting to anyone, try searching instead. This also goes vice versa.

- PARTY VS mode can only be played when there's 6 members.

- There's no paper manual in the package edition of the game. Refer to the online manual.

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