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Granblue Graphic Archive II out, features SF

Posted May 26 2016 at 12:54 (Thu)

If you're a fan of the more medeival-style Square Enix artwork such as Bravely Default and Final Fantasy XIV, you may already know about the Smartphone/PC Chrome browser SNS game Granblue Fantasy by Cygames, developed by a team of top-rank artists lead by ex-Square Enix Hideo Minaba (FFV~).

The game's new art book Granblue Fantasy Graphic Archive II is out in stores now. As a compilation book it features all artworks from the game and its derivative products from the past year and even includes the various licensed characters that were featured in collaborations. That includes Street Fighter, Tales of Asteria, and Idol Master Cinderella Girls.

The street fighter pages in particular should be an interest to fighting game fans as the featured characters even have beat-up portaits in Square Enix quality art, which is one thing that Capcom itself hasn't had the nerves to do since possibly SFIII:2nd Impact.

Granblue Fantasy Graphic Archive II features a total of 320 pages and is priced at 3800 JPY w/o tax. ISBN-13: 978-4758014977 .

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