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Rumor: SFV less laggy when played in Legacy

Posted May 10 2016 at 14:09 (Tue)

If you're willing to try any rumors to decrease input lag on your Street Fighter V (PS4), this trick might work for you.

According to a report by a Japanese blog operated by arcade stick & capture board enthousist Shiryl, PS4 sticks will actually play with less lag when switched to PS3 mode and used as a legacy controller through SFV's menu options. However the blog does not clarify how many frames of difference it makes.

This rumored trick only works on SFV, presumably because the game adds input latency to PS4 compliant controllers for some reason on purpose. It may also be that the developers forgot to add the same latency to legacy controllers. The blog owner realized the issue three months ago when taking videos, and notes that the issue is still prevelant in the current version of SFV.

The blog also notes that the trick has a downside: inputs on some rare occasions can get lost, presumably from the process of converting legacy controller inputs to 60fps.

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