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SNK workforce drops by 36% in past year

Posted Apr 29 2016 at 14:39 (Fri)

With the closure of its Pachislot department, SNKPlaymore's offices now have a lot less workers-- 36 percent less, according to its latest classifieds in Japan.

According to recruitment site Doda where SNKPlaymore recently posted a wanted ad for Game planners and management directors, the company currently has a total of 123 employees in its offices, which is considerably less than in April 2015 back when they had 193 workers.

The figures of course included the staff in their Tokyo office which is now gone, as well as workers at its pachi factory in Hyogo prefecture.

The company seems to have been downsizing immediately since around their pachislot closure last November; they had 179 employees as of the month. Their sales for the year was down by 51.3 percent (2015: 2.869 billion yen, 2014: 5.896 billion yen).

Doda's new recruitment page also reveals that the average age of SNKPlaymore's employees is 36 years old.

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