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KOF14 launching worldwide from August 23

Posted Apr 25 2016 at 21:20 (Mon)

At its KOFXIV premiere event in Tokyo today, SNKPlaymore made a number of major announcements.

The Rebranding of SNK

With times changing and the Pachislot market quickly getting devoured by smartphone games, SNKPlaymore is returning to its roots as a game maker. The company today made a surprising announcement that it will change its corporate logo and slogan to that of its old identity from the Neo Geo Era. The move also comes as a decision to aim more rapidly towards the global market where the classic SNK name is better recognized.'s new logo and slogan

The King Of Fighters XIV slated for release from August 23

When the KOF series initially started off in the mid-90s, it was an annual game that came out every summer. This is the first time in many years that SNK will be releasing a new KOF during the hot season-- August 23 in the Americas, South Korea and Hong Kong, August 25 in Japan. No news on the EU region just yet. (*Dates announced through official trailers)

In Japan, the game will be released at the price of 7,200 yen for both digital and physical purchases; preorders will be taken at retailers starting tomorrow. First shipment of the game will come with DLC Classic Kyo Kusanagi (Video) for both Digital and Physical purchases. Physical purchases will addtionally come with a bonus art booklet.

Full List of Characters Unveiled
For what comes as a surprising PR decision, SNK has decided to unveil all characters in KOFXIV leave aside the last boss. Here are their names, together with the official team names that've been released together with them.

Team Japan -- [ Kyo/ Benimaru/ Daimon ]
Team Yagami -- [ Iori/ Mature/ Vice ]
Team Art Of Fighting -- [ Ryo/ Robert/ Yuri ]
Team Fatal Fury -- [ Terry/ Andy/ Joe]
Team Ikari -- [Leona/ Ralf/ Clark]
Team K' -- [K'/ Kula/ Maxima]
Team South Town -- [Geese/ Billy/ Hein]
Team Women Fighters -- [King /Mai /Alice]
Team Kim -- [Kim /Gang-il /Luong]
Team Psycho Soldiers -- [Athena /Kensou /Chin]
Team Villains -- [Xanadu /Chang /Choi]
Team Another World -- [Nakoruru /Muimui /Love Heart]
Team Mexico -- [Ramon /Angel /King Of Dinosaur]
Team China -- [Shun'Ei /Tung /Meitenkun]
Team South America -- [Zarina /Banderas /Nelson]
Team Official Invitation -- [Sylvie /Kukri /Mian]
Boss -- [Antonov]

HORI Real Arcade Pro PS4 Controller for KOFXIV announced

While it's been long said that peripheral maker Hori and SNK have had a bitter relationship in their past, it seems that the two companies have set their differences aside. KOFXIV is getting its own RAP4 arcade stick, slated for sale in Japan simultaneously with the launch of the game for 16,800 yen.
*artwork still tentative

Official Site now up & 2 New Trailers

SNK has upgraded its teaser page for KOFXIV to a fully featured web site that's full of new information and tons of graphics. There's quite a load of juicy content in there including character profiles, a smartphone-friendly page outlining the game's sales points, and even a download page with icons and banners that can be used for SNS profiles.

Two new trailers have also been released, which gives an overview on all the teams aas well as some new stage backgrounds.

In addition to showing the game's new characters and new stages, the trailers also outline the various single player modes in the game including a voiced story mode which reportedly is featured for every team, as well as trial mode, time attack mode, survival mode, training mode, and gallery mode.

The trailer also shows off the new online modes that will be featured in KOFXIV, one of which in particular is the party mode where up to 6 players can split into two teams for a real 3on3 experience; multiple use of same characters will be allowed. There will also be an online training mode that encourages high-level players to teach beginners, ranked match, and lobbies that'll allow for up to 12 players.

Official Twitch Stream
Missed out on the official Twitch Stream of KOFXIV's Japanese debut with 24 playable characters? Fortunately SNKPlaymore kept an archive, which you can check from the link below.

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