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The hardship of doing hand-drawn 2D in 3D

Posted Apr 6 2016 at 23:24 (Wed)

Hand-drawn art and 3D art have always had their differences; one aims for analog pleasure while the other follows calculations to bring about its aethetics.

And when 3D tries to imitate 2D, the manual tweakings needed can be pretty crazy.

Such was the case shown at a demonstration during the recent Game Creator's Conference in Osaka. During the conference, CG animator Kohta Morie showed off what sort of skewering is needed to make a polygon model have the same look as that of a 2D drawing in a relatively common angle.
Typical angle seen in many mangas and anime
Same 3D model viewed from its front angle

Check it out in motion from the link below.

(Via Hachima)

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