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24 characters playable at Japan's KOF14 event

Posted Apr 5 2016 at 20:16 (Tue)

SNKPlaymore took time until announcing its first playable event in Japan, but for the local fans in the country-- as well as stream monsters worldwide-- it'll certainly be worth the wait.

According to SNKPlaymore's press release, 24 characters will be playable at the event and the company will be giving out a bunch of novelty items to early visitors.

This event won't be just for the Tokyo locals though. SNKPlaymore will be streaming gameplay footage from the show on its new Twitch channel, so be sure to check them out between 6PM to 9PM JST. Below are time zones for reference.


Time zones:
USA Eastern: April 25, 5AM - 8AM
USA Central: April 25, 4AM - 7AM
USA Pacific: April 25, 2AM - 5AM
UAE (Dubai): April 25, 1PM-4PM
France(Paris), Italy(Rome): April 25, 11AM - 2PM
UK (London): April 25, 10AM - 1PM
China: April 25, 5PM - 8PM
Singapore: April 25, 5PM-8PM
Korea: Same as Japan

Event Date:
April 25 (Mon), 6PM-9PM


Entrance Fee:


KOF XIV Novelty Gifts:

- First 150 visitors will receive a free "KOFXIV Scarf-sized towel" and "KOFXIV Sports Drink"

- First 500 visitors will receive a free "KOFXIV fan"

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