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KOF14's Japan premiere rescheduled to 4/25

Posted Mar 31 2016 at 19:55 (Thu)

Fans of the King of Fighters will have something to look forward to a bit earlier than expected.

The Japanese premiere of KOF14, which was originally slated for April 26 in Tokyo, has been rescheduled a day ahead to April 25. The premiere will be held in the electronics town of Akihabara.

SNKPlaymore still hasn't announced details including venue name, but given that the newly scheduled date is still a normal weekday (a Monday to be exact), it's expected that its that the event's main hours will be during the evening.

SNKPlaymore previously announced that over 20 characters will be playable at the Osaka event to take place a few days later on April 29. Whether the Tokyo event will have as many characters is unconfirmed at this time.

In related news, another new trailer for KOFXIV will be released soon, most likely through Sony's PlayStation channel as usual.

News from: @SNKofficial_Jp

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