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New KOF14 vids from Seoul's PSArena Event

Posted Mar 20 2016 at 21:15 (Sun)

This Sunday was a hot day for fighting game fans in Seoul where Sony held its invite-only PlayStation Arena event that featured various competitive titles for the PlayStation series platform including Guity Gear Xrd: Revelator, Street Fighter V, and Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix.

While KOF14 wasn't featured on the main stage like some other titles, it was certainly playable at the event floor and a good chunk of footage has been taped by Korea's prominent KOF community member Gatoray. Check all dozen of them out on Youtube.

Gatoray (@gatoray_kof)
5:19 PM - 20 Mar 2016

King has a bust Morphing and clothes tears

Check the rest of the videos at

Other videos (by Skullokei):

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