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20% discount on Japanese PSN for 20 hours

Posted Mar 10 2016 at 14:15 (Thu)

If you've wanted some stuff on Japanese PSN but you've been holding off for the right moment, today might be just your day.

For a limited 20 hours until March 11 6am JST (March 10 4PM EST/1PM PST), practically all items on Japanese PSN excluding Z-rated games are on a 20% discount with the use of a coupon code. This rare offer comes as a 200K follower commemoration for the JP PSNStore Twitter account.

Coupon Code: 4CQ9EFNG69

There's a few restrictions of course-
1- The coupon code can only be used once per account (meaning up to 10 items in the cart, total limit 20,000 jpy)
2- The code can't be processed via the PSP or Vita's PSNStore
3- Some items are not on sale, namely: CERO-Z rated games, games on preorders, video/tv show rentals and some shows on sale, PSPlus membership, PSNow contents

To use the coupon, add items to your cart, then go to your cart and type in the code and hit on "apply" (marked red in the photo below) before proceeding to payment. Make sure the discount has been reflected before you make your purchase.*

* MMCafe/The MadMan's Cafe takes no responsibility for losses due to transactions.

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