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Darwinism to hit fighting games

Posted Mar 3 2016 at 17:22 (Thu)

A new 2D fighting game called Science Combat is out to seek the answer that some fighting-game crazed scientists may have been wondering about for decades: What if the top scientists in history like Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Steven Hawking duked out their theories in fist to fist combat?

Currently in development, Science Combat will feature a roster of characters that's almost like a World Heroes of history's most important and colorful scientists; Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Pythagoras, and Nikola Tesla (that's right, it's not Edison). Their last boss is God.

The moves in Science Combat are quite wacky; for example, Darwin will physically show off what his theory of evolution is about, and Hawking--who lets his wheelchair do the fighting--can use a wormhole for teleoportation. As the only female character in the game Marie Curie would be expected to play perhaps like Chunli, but instead she's a complete shoto that shoots Polonium and Radium out of her hands.

Oh, and Tesla shoots a death ray, very obviously.

This 2D pixel fighter isn't an indies game, but it's also apparently not a commercial product. According to artist Diego Sanches who worked on all the graphics and has a number of animating sprites graciously on display at his site, Science Combat is being developed by Superinteressante magazine, a publication by Brazil's largest magazine publisher Editora Abril. Given that Superinteressante magazine previously released Filosofighters on the Web, the same can be presumed with Science Combat as well.

For more character sprite examples, check Diego Sanches' site above.

News from: Gizmodo (Via Hachima)

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