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KOF14's latest screenshot may be leaking info

Posted Mar 3 2016 at 06:27 (Thu)

The KOF series has always had a strongly sci-fi storyline with essentric tournament organizers, whether it be a host who was bent on world domination or just bent on making trophies out of their opponents. If the potential leaks for KOFXIV are of any indication, the next chapter will keep to its series tradition.

According to a Tweet from keen observer The Good Loser/@oWarlock360, the latest daily KOFXIV screenshot released by SNKPlaymore shows that the tournament stage in the game has the words Antonov Super Arena written in the background, most likely the name of the tournament organizer of the new chapter. This explains a part of the "AT" logo in the center of the stage and also seems to support past unconfirmed leaks that the middle boss may be a Russian billionaire who fights with his upper clothes off like Geese Howard or Krauser.

All information written above are purely speculative.

KOF 14 is slated for release in 2016.

(Via The Good Loser/@oWarlock360o)

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