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PS4 Japanese Skullgirls release finally solid

Posted Mar 2 2016 at 13:55 (Wed)

After a rocky road of delays, the Japanese disc version of PS4 Skullgirls finally gets a solid release date.

According to publisher Arc System Works, the game is now slated for an April 14 release. The PS4 version's official site has also been updated to reflect on the new date.

The Japanese release of Skullgirls will feature dubbed voices, mostly done by VAs from the Blazblue series (ex: Ragna VA Tomokazu Sugita as Big Band Sax Deka)

Retailers with added bonuses are still accepting preorders-- the sample below is a Marie tapestry by Blazblue artist Yuki Kato, offered through Arc Systems Works' online shop (operated by Ebten).

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