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Loads of new GGXrd Revelator info released

Posted Feb 29 2016 at 14:59 (Mon)

4Gamer has released a load of news on Arc System Works' upcoming home console port of Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator.

1/ Package cover illustrations
As usual with Arcsys games, Revelator comes offered in a normal edition and limited edition. The two versions feature separate covers as seen below.

Normal Edition cover

Limited Edition cover

The Limited edition will include the following items:

- GUILTY GEAR Xrd Visual Book
- GUILTY GEAR Sound LIVE 2014 Archives
- Toushin Gekitotsu Blu-ray Disc
(Professional gamer team vs GG hardcore players team)

2/ Official Music Poll Results
The results from the official music poll held online from 1/21 to 2/5 are in. Note: The site is still accessible as of now and features all soundtracks to the Guilty Gear Series.

Rank 1: Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead /GGXX) - 1780 votes
Rank 2: Still in The Dark 1571 - votes
Rank 3: Magnolia Eclair - 962 votes
Rank 4: Blue Water Blue - Sky 955 votes
Rank 5: Awe Of She 917 - votes

3/ Live Rock Concert

A live rock concert, named Rock on 2Night GUITY GEAR LIVE 2016 will be taking place in Japan in June 11(Osaka) and 17(Tokyo).

4/ New Revelator Trailer

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