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Lupin goes 17th century woodblock print

Posted Feb 4 2016 at 23:49 (Thu)

For the first time in its history, the Lupin the Third series is going Ukiyo-e, a traditional woodblock print method used in 17th century Japan.

While it maintains a modern anime-style look rather than to mimic an edo period art style, the handcrafted Ukiyo-e is genuine and printed on traditional Japanese Echizen Washi paper with woodblock made from Kyoto prefecture's Takezasado, known for its craftmanship since 1891. The Ukiyo-e will be made on preorder only, starting at 64800 yen($553).

The Ukiyo-e project comes as a part of department store chain Isetan's 130th anniversary event LUPINISSIMO IN ISETAN 2016 (Feb 3-8) and will be offered with limited-time exclusivity at the main branch.

Numerous other Lupin products are also offered during the event, including an authentic Lupin blue suit by Tailor & Cutter, Zenigata's coat, San Marino Wine, 3D printing with the customer's face on lupin characters, and a cup of cappucino for a little rest. For more images, check the official site.

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