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GGXrd:Revelator Slated for May 26, New chara

Posted Jan 19 2016 at 20:23 (Tue)

According to early purchasers of this week's Famitsu magazine, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator is slated for PS4/PS3 release in Japan on May 26. Two editions will be available: the normal edition for 6800 yen and a limited edition package for 9800 yen. Its first shipment will come with a free DLC code for the new character Kum Hehyong.

Kum Hehyong (correct English spelling unknown) written in Japanese as 琴慧弦/クム ヘヒョン, will be voiced by Hideaki Tezuka. Players of the latest arcade version should already be familiar with Kum since the character appears in the game's storyline. What should be a huge surprise to even current arcade players though, Kum is actually a girl who's riding in a muscular manly suit (refer to bottom-right image in 1st page below). She can sometimes be seen when she gets attacked.
Photo: Famitsu Twitter

(News via Iggy)

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