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KOF producer Interviewed by FGC Magazine

Posted Jan 19 2016 at 08:40 (Tue)

The third volume of "FGC Magazine"--a free magazine that covers the world of the fighting game community--has been released for reading and download. The magazine is created by Alan Francois, administrator of European KOF site This issue in particular features a number of interviews with top KOF players and an exclusive interview with KOFXIV producer Yasuyuki Oda.

The interview with Oda mostly cover topics that have already come up with other media outlets, but it discusses a number of subjects which hardcore fans will undoubtedly have interest in-- most notably the slowness of jumps in its debut build, a major change in what set the franchise apart from other fighting games. Oda admits the jumps are slower and plans on tweaking them.

For "FGC Magazine Vol.3" and the Full interview, check
Interviewer: ON|Vicio

Q: Does making the game in 3D speed up the process? Is this the reason we are seeing 50 characters?

Oda: Developing in 2D and 3D have both their respective
difficulties. However, in the case of a roster with 50 characters,
it is definitely easier to gather competent staff for games made
in a 3D environment.

Q: When did KOF XIV start production?

Oda: In April of 2014.

Why was the rush mechanic implemented?
*allows for easy combos by mashing buttons

Oda: Since it is a console game, the console players are considered; and we are looking to appeal to a much wider audience. We would like to help new gamers and players from other game genres to also enjoy KOF. It helps with the nature of those games to just press the same button multiple times and get a combo with a button on a set timing. That way they get interested in training to become better, in order to pull off these techniques.

Q: Players who got their hands on the demo in the first day were complaining about jumps being to “floatyEor slow.

Oda: Jumps have always been powerful in the KOF Series.
Therefore, we prepared the PSX build in that way. I admit they
are still a bit “slowerEcompared to KOF XIII, but we will
work on their adjustment from here on out.

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