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Rock Howard's creator shows 1998 concept art

Posted Jan 18 2016 at 19:50 (Mon)

Nobuyuki Kuroki, the father of Rock Howard and other characters in SNK's Garou:Mark of The Wolves, has publically released via Facebook the concept art of his character back from its initial development in 1998.

Kuroki is one of the former SNK R&D division 1 staff (FF/AOF development team) who has returned to SNKPlaymore. He currently works as a manager at the company although it's not clear as to what department he's in (we assume he's possibly an art or production manager, very likely for KOF14).

Kuroki worked at Dimps before his recent move to SNKPlaymore, likewise as KOF14 producer Yasuyuki Oda and character motion designer Youichiro Soeda who previously worked on Capcom's SF4 series.

I was drawn the Rock's concept art at 1998.
The picture looks younger than now of Rock.
Oda and I was confused at that time.
What is the new hero?
How to create a hero other than Terry doing?
we don't know whether the correct answer, but it took out one of the answers.

A happy new year to all!
Wish all SNK fans the best for 2016.
Will be released is kof14 this year!
Please wait to look forward.

I drew Terry and Rock for the first time in a long time.
I remembered that I was making on Mark Of Wolves in 1999.

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