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KOF13 director, now a senior manager at SNKP

Posted Jan 15 2016 at 19:14 (Fri)

SNKPlaymore's next KOF iteration is shifting from its 2D masterpiece to 3D graphics. During the change, we haven't heard whether KOF13's director Kei Yamamoto is still around-- a concern given that the company's staff in recent years have departed when their projects were done.

It seems rather unlikely that Yamamoto is still working on the KOF series, although all for good reason. A late-December interview by Famitsu reveals that Yamamoto is currently the senior manager at SNKPlaymore's videogame planning department 2, and the creator behind their hit smartphone game Metal Slug Defense.

Yamamoto comments that the success of his megahit smartphone game Metal Slug Defense was a huge surprise to himself at launch when its monthly download goal was reached in just a day. The game was Yamamoto's first take on smartphones.

Yamamoto is now focusing on its sequel, Metal Slug Attack. The game is developed with the overseas market as its focus. As one of its core changes, MSA will feature server connectivity-- a gameplay element which Yamamoto thinks that MSD was hugely missing.

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