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"Anyone else attending Nordic Game 2023?" , posted Tue 9 May 21:22:post reply

Calling on the Cafe for your worldly expertise! I'm headed to the Nordic Game conference in Malmö in two weeks! This will be my first time visiting this part of the world. I'm super excited!

The Nordic countries are pound for pound arguably the strongest game development region in the whole world! Per capita, no other region employs so many people in games and has so many hits! Minecraft! Angry Birds! Clash of Clans! Goat Simulator! So many world conquering titles! I can't wait to learn more firsthand!

Anyone else gonna be headed out there? I'd love to meet up!

Please let me know if you have any gamedev friends that might be interested in meeting up too!

If you're familiar with Malmö or Copenhagen, I'd love suggestions on things to do/see/eat/drink while I'm out there!--Where the Surströmming at, eh??

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"Re(1):Anyone else attending Nordic Game 2023?" , posted Wed 10 May 02:21post reply

Oh man, the far north! The vikings! The auroras! The high public happiness indexes! It's going to be great. I can't recall if we have any native Cafe patrons from there, but I do recall dear Kofoguz traded his life of swimming chest-deep in yog(h)urt in Turkey for a life of swimming chest-deep in snowdrifts up there, either Norway or Sweden. Maybe you'll find him!