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"ATTN Maou: Night Call is the best noir VN" , posted Sat 27 Mar 09:56post reply

It's definitely the best noir VN since Last Window (which will remain forever unplayed and therefore forever beautiful, in true noir fashion)!

Steam page for the game

It's actually from 2019, so I've actually gotten around to it EARLY!
It's perpetually set in the night, because you're a night shift taxi driver, and you are pressed against your will into helping with a criminal investigation because you are entirely unconnected to things, in true noir fashion.

It's terrific!


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"Re(1):ATTN Maou: Night Call is the best noir " , posted Mon 29 Mar 03:21post reply

Not a year goes by that I don't do a light search for 1) Wish Room/Hotel Dusk creators Cing and 2) Rusty creators C-lab, in hopes that the members of either will have mysteriously reunited to make new games, but Night Call looks awfully attractive even without a semi-rotoscoped Kyle Hyde!

Thinking back, I'm not sure I was ever good at solving mysteries so much as having Kyle bumble around rooms picking things up, but even without Gyakuten Saiban training I might be able to handle this one. I was briefly intrigued by a Steam review's complaint in the Cons column, until I realized I'd inserted a "k" where there wasn't one.

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