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"Long Island retro gaming Expo" , posted Tue 13 Aug 10:47post reply

Got back this afternoon from the Long island retro gaming expo. I had a fun time, It was definitely worth it.

The Vendor selection was pretty good, lots of good stuff on sale. pretty much almost anything you can think of. was kind of sort on cash, so I couldn't really buy much this year. =\

Tournaments: lots of good games too. Did enter a few, but felt that my performance was kind of lacking.

I went 1-3 in SF zero 2. =\
1-3 in MK 2. =\
and 0-1 in Tetris.(I feel that single elim isn't what should be used; as it doesn't allow a player to make proper adjustments on the fly- but they were strapped for time and there was a full bracket)