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"Random Mobile: Mario Run and Exodus' Gunhouse" , posted Tue 20 Dec 01:58post reply

The big game that came out on iOS last week was Super Mario Run. I only have an iPad 2 that is a few years old, but it runs okay. It has some hiccups here and sound doesn't start right away sometimes, but once you get a level loaded you can restart as much as you want and it will play good enough.

I haven't bought the full game yet as I will wait for the android version since my iPad doesn't have a 4G plan and you have to be always online to play the game. It is kinda sad to see people complaining to get a full game experience without having to hassle with microtransactions to get boosts and the like. $10 seems like a fair price for what is a mini-New Super Mario Bros experience considering those games come out on the 3DS for $40.

Although running is automatic, the pleasure of getting a good timed jump is still there.

It appears a lot of the replay value is collecting special colored coins placed in specific parts of the level. It starts with 5 Pink coins then that unlocks 5 Purple Coins and finally 5 Black coins. The placement of the coins get progressively more difficult to obtain and some are hidden in regular blocks you have to hit.

You are given 2 Yoshi's Island style bubbles for the times you are hit by enemy(usually jumping from underneath them) or if you wall into a pit. You can manually activate the bubble if you want to go back a bit in the stage to try and collect a coin as well.

It is a shame they don't give you up to world 1-4 for free to get an idea how boss fights are handled though.

Although it has been a couple of years I can still say I do not have much love for the New Super Mario Bros aesthetic. It doesn't feel as "sterile" as before, but that level clear music is so mundane. It is especially jarring considering they still use the old-school game over music as well.

Another mobile game I tried out was Gunhouse, made by our old friend Exodus/Brandon and art by Juan.

I have been waiting for this to come out on android for years.

It is a tower/lane defense game with slider mechanics. Match the colored blocks and if you slide them to the left of the house you get a gun and you slide it to the right you get a special that can fill up the screen. You can make the guns/specials more powerful by getting a bonus match with what is listed at the top of the screen or just doubling/tripling up on whatever you have loaded already.

It is a bit tricky to get a handle of how to best slide the blocks around at first since there is also a timer for each turn. But I think I had a handle on it by the Ninth wave of enemies.

It's $2.99 with no additional microtranactions and is a nice game that makes you think.

I am not sure if this is a sign of me playing it too much, but I feel the game eats battery more than other games I play though.

Now I have $7 left over from the $10 Play store gift card I used to buy Gunhouse. Anyone else play anything on mobile recently?


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"JUAN and Exodus' Gunhouse" , posted Tue 20 Dec 11:44:post reply

GUNHOUSE!!!! At first I saw it was finally available for iphone and not just PlayStation Vita and X68000 Sharp or something and thus I could pay tribute to my lord and master Juan, and I was like

But then I saw Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later and I was like

But then I realized that some poor sucker kind soul would surely love to give me a phone newer than a 4S because I can't be bothered and I was like

Please forward all iphones to: Maou, c/o Maou's Castle, 600AD


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