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"A few things about Mario Kart 8..." , posted Thu 5 Jun 04:52:post reply

This video illustrates a few salient points:

1. Luigi has the glare of a stone cold killer.

2. Mario Kart 8 looks really good in slow motion.

3. The highlight reel isn't a useless feature.

And even though I've heard Ridin' Dirty a million times, and half a million of those times were in a comedic context, and there's the Weird Al song and everything.... it's still pretty good.

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"Re(1):A few things about Mario Kart 8..." , posted Thu 5 Jun 05:19:post reply

I love that I'm not the only one who describes Luigi's death stare with the exact same "stone cold killer" expression.

This is probably my favourite of all the music combinations, though...
Link Here

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"Re(2):A few things about Mario Kart 8..." , posted Thu 5 Jun 20:54:post reply

Last night I was playing the DS version of Brain Training on my Wii U's Gamepad while my TV displayed people playing Mario Kart 8 on the Twitch app of my Xbox One. It all felt very "next gen".

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"Re(3):A few things about Mario Kart 8..." , posted Fri 6 Jun 14:03post reply

I am quite surprised how much "Luigi Death Stares" has caught on, even among the mainstream. But I am sure like most internet memes it will be run into the ground within a month.

As far the actual game is concerned, I am enjoying it immensely. The music is phenomenal, the new tracks are very unique and it is a great party game. I would really like to see the Mario Kart team tackle a Mario platformer as they seem to treat their courses like Platform levels now. It is hard for me to put my finger on it, but that is the vibe they give me. It also helped that there is the promotion for deluxe Wii Us that gets you credit for buying stuff on the eshop


And registering the game on club nintendo got me Pikmin 3.


and that also counted to my eshop credits from the deluxe promotion and I also was able to get NES Remix 2.

So for $50 (the price at Fry's electronics) I was able to get Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3 and NES Remix 2. All of which doubled my Wii U library.

The game is not without it's faults though. The general lack of options is crazy. Not being able to map controls and not being able to put the map on the screen are bizarre omissions in 2014. The lack of unique battle mode maps is pretty disappointing, but Yoshi Valley is a pretty fun place to battle. Character selection is hit and miss. It was nice to see the Koopalings in the game, but it seemed like overkill to have 4 babies.

Mario Kart 8's original Rainbow Road is probably one of the weakest in franchise history. The Rainbow Road usually gives off a nice magical feel, while 8's is a sci-fi space station motif to it.

Speaking of Rainbow Road, I was a bit disappointed to see that N64 RR was changed to one lap with 3 check points. I know it was a long track, but it was also very fun as well. Of course half the fun was trying to get that short cut at the beginning of the race, which isn't possible anymore due to changes in the track and that fact Lakitu picks you up two seconds after you fall of a track now. That has been a problem since Double Dash though, which is unfortunate as Nintendo has really discouraged exploration in the Mario Kart series after N64. Hell you could drive off course around Princess Peach's castle back then, but not anymore as they gated it off in the Wii U version.