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"Japan and KFC in Christmas" , posted Mon 18 Jul 21:56:post reply

Hi there. For as long as I've been using the internet, the MMCafe has been one of the best ways for me to learn about Japanese culture in terms of gaming and in general. So I would like to exploit inquire the cafe's experts for monetary academic gain. Currently, I'm writing an essay for a World Cultures college course about the Subject of Japan's "Kentukki" Christmas dinner, mainly in how it is accepting another culture's tradition yet at the same time doing its own "spin" on it. And here's some of what I found about it:

- It seems to have started in the 70s when a foreigner bought KFC for dinner on Christmas eve cause he thought that fried chicken is the 2nd best thing to roast turkey. And the manager reported that to the higher ups, leading to KFC's very successful marketing campaign.

- Most of Japan don't like the taste of turkey meat. And the bird itself is rare, and thus expensive. Also, most of Japanese kitchens are void of ovens to roast turkey because traditional Japanese cuisine doesn't require baking.

- And of course, the most obvious reason.

If you have ideas about the subject please post them. Thanks for the help. Due credit will be given if I get to use any of your information.

[edit] Thank you Prof. for the help.

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"Re(1):Japan and KFC in Christmas" , posted Mon 18 Jul 23:56post reply

Since I think you can read Japanese, rather than translate a synopsis here's a link to Gaishoku.biz with more details.

Thing is freaking huge.

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"Re(2):Japan and KFC in Christmas" , posted Tue 26 Jul 13:39post reply

Caught me by surprise, and totally on topic.

Update 23 as of 25/10/10 (Temporary mega upload link).

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"Re(3):Japan and KFC in Christmas" , posted Tue 26 Jul 22:24post reply

Almost as mindboggling as when I found out Québec translates "KFC".