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Came across the demo (quite fun on 360 but technically a shame, terrible frame rate issues on PS3) and I was wondering how Sonic Team is not capable on re-doing the same exact phisics that Megadrive games have. I blame polygons, but seeing how nice SFIV is with collisions, framedatas, etc. I think is about the programmers or their lazyness.

Anyway, the demo is too short but not horrible to play. Sure, it seems a game from 2006 but gameplay wise is similar to old school Sonic, much more than Rush and 4. Except for resolution I think it's a game that even a Wii could handle for the most part, and this has dramatically toned down my hype for Generations. But I find it quite enjoyable, if you like Sonic and platformers in general. This console generation has not many action platformers titles (but most of them are very good ones: SMG, SMG2, NSMBW, DKCR, Kirby EY, Alice, Outland).
I'm getting the game? Probabily yes, if it come without serious bug issues.

BTW let's discuss about zones... Green Hill is a given, but other games have very few representative zone, especially the 3D ones. City Escape for Adventure 2 is not a good choice imho. It represents maybe the Sonic attitude (combined with the song...) but not the game itself. A stage like Crazy Gadget or Final Chase is a better choice, since is, you know...challenging.
I know my whislist never came true, but to me the most important thing is keeping the game various, challenging and fun, mantaining iconic zones and trying to make one different from another.

I tried to throw some balance here:
Sonic 1 (Green Hill, ok)
Sonic 2 (Chemical Plant is the best, maybe Casino Night if they want to insert "iconic zones")
Sonic 3 (IceCap or Hydrocity)
Sonic & Knuckles (Sky Sanctuary or Lava Reef, Flying Battery if done well, the best of all to me is Death Egg)
Sonic CD (Stardust Speedway Act 3 is the best choice, but Tidal Tempest is probabily chosen for the "iconic factor" over Hydrocity. Any other zone except Palmtree Panic is ok)
Sonic Adventure (Lost World or Speed Highway)
Sonic Heroes (Egg Fleet or Rail Canyon)
Sonic Unleashed (Dragon Road is pretty unique in the Sonic universe, Frozen Edge if Icecap is not used)
Sonic 06 (Crisis City, Flame Core or Kingdom Valley)