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"Microsoft dual strike + Wip3out S.E." , posted Wed 20 Oct 03:59:post reply

I bought this weird dual strike controler from a thrift store in Nevada a bunch of years ago for 1 dollar. Its quite well built but I didn't really use it for much besides Raiden II on pc when you use that twisting laser(which was sweet.)

I tried it with this PSX emulator and hooked it up and calibrated it to the analog stick. Whoa. I think it's better than NeGcon.
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You can tilt the nose up and down on the craft when you hit the turns making them way easier. It controls like a glove. Its funny cuz it was designed with FPS and i tried it with quake and it sucked. But it found its calling for Wipeout fo sho.

Any other wipeout fans in here? Wip3out SE is much better than regular edition but it was only released in Europe.

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