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"chip music dancefest" , posted Sat 21 Aug 10:59:post reply

Continuing my battle against the Borg-like randomthread, this is kind of a fun video on the chip music scene in the United States. The kid dressed as a Tetris piece at a concert and the chip take on Green Day are delightful. I'd like to check out "The Tank." I remember searching for Famicom soundboards online with a friend at one point in hopes of finding something we could make some tunes on, but it's neat to see people doing it live with the actual hardware. I'd heard lots of the music, but it seems like a pretty delightful scene. Raves for the modern age now that old raves are kind of played out or commercialized?


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"Re(1):chip music dancefest" , posted Sat 21 Aug 12:44:post reply

Thanks for the link!
Hey if you're into Chip Tunes I highly recommend you listen to 8-bit Betty. He's my FAVORITE:

Blast Off is one of the most deliciously catchy songs out there.

And "A Quick Hello" is just painfully beautiful. I seriously think it's one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Even if you aren't into the Chip Tunes scene, I think he's worth a listen. His music isn't reliant on nostalgia or reference, it stands on its own merits and gels really well with the particular timbre of midi synthesizers. And all his music's free to boot:!.htm

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"Tokyo live" , posted Sun 22 Aug 03:45:post reply

Thanks for these!

Also, I didn't know that Blip 2010 was happening like right now. Tokyo live next month!

Oh, and also Denmark! Anyone in Denmark?


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"Re(1):Tokyo live" , posted Sun 22 Aug 09:25post reply

Thanks for these!

Thanks to both of YOU for the excellent links!

My contributions to the list are two resources everyone has almost certainly heard of: 8bitpeoples and 8-Bit Collective, both of which distribute a lot of their music for free. 8bitpeoples also sells CD's of their works represented on their site, and I've picked up a few. Lots of great stuff to be heard on both sites.

The thing is, Chiptune music is like jazz in a way-- there's SOOOO much of it to be sifted through that getting familiar with any of it become somewhat daunting. Like, where to even begin.

Also, I wish there were fewer bands, albums, and songs with '8-bit' as part of their names. But I guess we can't have everything, huh?