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"Fanmade works that fits actual games" , posted Wed 14 Jul 18:34:post reply

Recently I spent some time listening fanmade music for games on youtube. I'm not speaking about remixes, but entirely new music composed having a game in mind. Some of them are actually good work, even better than the official game soundtrack.

Here are some examples:

Concept theme of Ryu in SFIV

Very chillout and relaxing but fits the character a lot imho.

Concept theme of FeiLong in SFIV

The theme used in SSFIV is probabily the best rendition of FeiLong theme, but this one is also good. Very Capcomish styled, the jazzy beats and electro beeps make this music good to play in Third Strike if FeiLong were in.

Theme of Kokonoe in BlazBlue: Crisis Reversed
Fanmade music for a fanmade game. This song is good, using electro sounds that reminds Cave shooters and hard rock like GG/BB. Actually I find this way better than BlazBlue metal soundtrack (I'm probabibily one of the few on Earth that can't stand metal music).
The theme doesn't fit Kokonoe well, I find it somewhat romantic, making it a perfect theme for Nine, her deceased mother.

Speaking about Nine, she is a cross between I-no and Cierra from Riviera, right?

Also, last year I found this:

Is a very good concept for a fanmade Sonic game, way better than 99% of Sonic series after Adventure 2.

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