Parasite Eve 2 Details (9/23/99)
Parasite Eve2
 Details on the sequel to Square's hit Cinematic RPG- Parasite Eve, has been revealed. 

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Square announces future on 11/23, hints FFXI (9/23/99)
Square monitor- Click to enlarge image

Announced at the Tokyo Game Show, Square will present "Square Millenium" on 11/23/99 in Yokohama Japan, a company event based on their upcoming titles for the next Millenium. While Details on what will be presented is still not announced, the demo of Square's Monitor at the TGS clearly showed a "XI" (Nine) mark, indicating a hint to their next major release. 

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Square releases Chocobo Stallion details (9/23/99)
Chocobo Stallion
Square released additional information on their upcoming title "Chocobo Stallion".  
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Crazy Taxi announced by Sega (9/23/99)
Crazy Taxi -click to enlarge image
The arcade hit game "Crazy Taxi" has been annouced for the DreamCast. In the game, the player is to pick one of four main characters and use them to pick up customers and bring them to their destinations. The player however, is allowed to cut through any plane possible, including opposite roads, walkways and parks. As an original bonus to the Dramcast version, a new town identical to the size of the arcade original, will be added. This new town will allow advanced players to use their techniques, such as drifting, jumping and jumping through lanes.. 
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Phantasy Star Online announced by Sega (9/23/99)
Phantasy Stary Online Logo

Sega announced their sequel to Phantast Star- Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast.  
As the title refers, Phantasy Star Online uses full advantage of the Dreamcast modem and allows players to venture with other players around the globe. While players are allowed more freedom such as trade items with each other, they also have the classic ability to form into a group of party and travel. Classic items of the Phantasy Star Tradition are also scheduled to be put in the game.  
Phantasy Star Online is also playable while not hooked to a modem, as the computer will act as players supporting the main character. 

Phantasy Star Online is Schedueld for the year 2000. 

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Valkirie Profile announced by Enix (9/23/99)
Valkirie Profile
Enix announced their next RPG release, Valkyrie Profile. Created by Try-ace; the same team as Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile is based on ancient myths. 

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The Typing of the Dead revealed by Sega (9/23/99)
Typing of the Dead
Sega introduces "The Typing of the Dead" for the DreamCast, an arranged version of "The House of the Dead". In This game no gun controller is nessesary to defeat the zombies- in place, the player must use the DreamCast keyboard to quickly type in the words written next to each of the zombies appearing on the screen.  
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New Ridge Racer announced by Namco (9/23/99)
New Ridge Racer
Namco revealed their next in the series of Ridge Racer, tentitavely named New Ridge Racer. NRR is currently in development for the PlayStation 2, with the greatest graphics yet in the series. The game will have a new mascot character in place of Reiko Nagase- Ai Fukami. < Image > 

While specifics on the game is not yet known, effects, such as the blurring of distant backgrounds, and smoke from driving, are present. A part of the driving course currently shown has been adapted from Ride Rager 1, for the classic fans.  

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BioHazard GunSurvivor  announced by Capcom (9/23/99)
BioHazard GunSurvivor
Capcom announced their next installment in the BioHazard/Resident Evil series for the Playstation: BioHazard Gun Survivor. 
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The Tokyo Game Show in the eyes of a Local Madman (9/23/99)
Tokyo Gameshow 99 Fall
Well, it was that time of the year again -Tokyo Game Show.  
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Tales of Eternia announced by Namco (9/23/99)
The Tales Series
Namco announces their latest sequel in the Tales series- Talse of Eternia. 

Tales of Eternia takes place in a world called Enferia. The people living are peaceful, and in place of technology there is a supernatual ability named "Claymel" which the peopl can use. The main characte is an 18 year old boy named Rid Harshell <Image> , living in the coutryside with a girl named Farah Elsted<Image>
While not much on details of the game system is known, the field is now seen in a 45 degree angle, and the use of height will be essencial in Tales of Eternia. The battles system is still the traditional side-view action game style, where the player can give orders to the other members of the party, or let them fight on their own.
 Tales of Eternia is scheduled for release in the year 2000 for the Playstation. The Officila illustrator of the game is Mutusumi Inomata- the same illustrator of Tales of Phantasia.

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Arika reveals Street Fighter EX 3 (9/23/99)
Street Fighter EX 3
Arika announced their joining to the PlayStation 2 with the sequel to the 3D fighter series, Street Fighter EX. While not much is known as of the current, a new team battle system is present in the game. Out of the 20 characters, confirmed characters to be in the game include Ryu, Chun-li, Skullomania, Blanka, Dhalsim and CrackerJack.  
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SNK vs Capcom News Release (9/12/99)
SNK vs Capcom
Capcom and SNK has released images and information on the upcoming fighter game, SNK vs Capcom. 

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Gamest Files Bankruptcy  (9/12/99)
The office dorr of Shinseisha Co.
Shinseisha Co., well known for their arcade game magazine Gamest, announced their decision to file bankruptcy due to their lack of funds and unnegociable standpoints in finding other resources . Shinseisha's decision was announced in 9/6/99, one day after their accounting was marked in red ink.  
While not much has been announced by Shinseisha themselves, witnesses reveal that the office and its ground level arcade center as well as their basement level game merchandise store, were in full operation until the day before. As of the current, the facilities are no longer opened.   
In addition to Shinseisha Co., their subsidiaries- Shinseisha Publishing and Marugeya, are scheduled to go under the same paperwork and fate.
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The Madman's cafe back on the Move  (9/??/99)
Summer was fun.  
Now comes winter.
After 2 months and a few weeks of an Haitus, the Madman's Cafe (or so to say, its owner) is finally getting somewhat back on track. The Cafe will be properly functionable by the end of this month.  

In a special note, the general part of Madman's Cafe will be moving servers shortly, now to a T1 line. 
Special thanks to Lanzer, for the new Systems account.

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