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Enix Announces Valkirie Profile (9/23/99)
Valkirie Profile
Enix announces their next RPG release, Valkyrie Profile. Created by Try-ace; the same team as Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile is based on ancient myths.  

The game takes place in two worlds: Valhara- the world of Gods lead by Odin, and Midguld- the world of humans. The main character is Valkyrie, a God of war, living in Valhara. The game begins after Odin is told of the prediction that the war to the world's end- Regnarok, is coming. In order to overcome the ultimate battle, Odin gives orders to Valkirie to collect souls from the human world, and prepare them for use in the war. Meanwhile, Valkirie herself will have many experiences, leading to her own growth as well. 
Valkirie, God of war
Thus in the game, the player's main objectives are to collect souls in the human world, grow them up , and relay them to the God's world. As the souls can take the form of human beings, they can be used as members in battles.  

The Battle System 

In the battle scnee, a maximum party number of 4 (including Valkirie) is allowed, and the four buttons of the playstation corresponds to each character. By pressing the corresponding button the character attacks- thus by pressing a combination of buttons, a team attack will be executed. 
Battle Scene: Valkirie in front, soul supporting.
Valkirie Profile is scheduled for release in 11/25, priced 6800 yen - 2 disks. 

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