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KOF2002 Beta Test Report Collation (Update #5)

The following is an updated collation of Beta test reports on The King Of Fighters 2002.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced- Additional Images, Details Revealed

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(Namae No Nai Heya) Square has revealed additional details and images of their upcoming GBA titile "Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced" through Enterbrain Inc.'s Famitsu magazine.

The main character- Marshe Radieu, is a young boy who moved to a small village named St.Ivarieth due to his parent's divorce and his little brother's illness. He has two classmate friends that he isn't either too personal or distant with, Mute Randel and Ritz Marueul. Mute is a a shy and quiet boy who is often bullied, and always carrys a doll. His father's name is Cid. Ritz is a smart girl, but often avoided by others due to her strong minded personality. Ritz is actually grey haired, and secretly dyes it.

With the powers of a sealed book named Gran Grimore- also called the Final Fantasy, St.Ivarieth is turned into a world called "Ivarieth", full of swords, magics and Judges. The world of Ivarieth is delicately balanced between law and chaos, barely sustained by ultimate beings called "Judges", Platinum Knights who uphold the law (silhouette seen in game's title logo).

A variety of races exist in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, such as humans, Moogles, Bangas(lizardsmen),Veilas(amazons), and Nmous(droopy eared race). Each race have their different strengths. Together with FFTA's variety of jobs such as Archer, Soldier or Monk, different combination of characters can be created.

Other systems in the game goes as follows.

Judgement System- In the world of Ivarieth where killing is prohibited, Judges are present in the battles at all times to uphold the Law (battle rules) and determine the victor. It is up to the player to take the most advantage of the Judgement.

Region create system- In FFTA, there is no determined map-- the player can create his own by clearing events and obtaining symbols to place on the map.

Clan system- In FFTA, there are a variety of Clans depending on region and races. By finding work through a clan, the player can accept a variety of quests. Not all quests require battling, while some others are centered on it.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced is scheduled for release on the Gameboy Advance in Winter. Names used in this article are not nessesarily in correct spelling. For the images, check the links.

ToHeart Artist and Scenario writer form New Company- "Playm", Official Site Open

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Ex-Leaf Co. development staffs known for their works such as PSX's "To Heart", have opened their new game production company "Playm" 's official site. The main development staff confirmed for the comapny are artist Touru Minazuki and scenario writer Tatsuya Takahashi. Not much details on their first product "Realise", are available in the site at the current moment.