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KOF2002 Beta Test Report Collation (Update #4)

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The following is a collation of Beta test reports on The King Of Fighters 2002. Information written in this collation are from a number of third party sources.

Please note that these are not direct information from The Madman's Cafe. Not all the information are guaranteed to be accurate, or to be in the final product of the game.

Credited sites goes as follows.
Top Page (BBS)
KOFFreak (BBS)
Channel KOF
KOFcchi (BBS)



Well, I checked out the KOF2002 beta testing for a short while myself. Here's some quick notes.

- The waiting line for the Beta testing was awful. People were actually lining outside of the mega-arcade to play one game of KOF'02.

- The game feels like a KOF98Ex. People who are used to strikers may not like the 1-on-1 style that the game returned to, while others who stopped playing after KOF98 will definitely want to come back.

- The power meter and energy bar graphics really look mediocre. I really hope this is going to be changed in the product version, becuase it looks horrible.

- On the other hand, the background graphics are in general, much better than ever before (especially KOF'01). Stages change by time, sometimes even more than once. Here's a few examples.

Japan Stage-
Round1, noon. Todo dad and daughter are on the right end, sitting down and drinking tea together.
Round2, late afternoon. Todo dad is rooting like in KOF96, while his daughter is on his side. Geese appears on the left side of the stage.
Round3, night. Todo dad is sleeping alone, Eiji is on the left side of the stage.

Field Stage-
Round1, noon. Lots of spectators in the back. Three sheeps are standing with the initials "K "O" "F" written on them, while a baby sheep is trying its best to show a small sign saying "02". Sokaku is looking after a sick sheep in the back of them.
Round2, late noon. Nobady is there except one dog.
Round3, night. Crows are flying around.

China(?) Stage-
Round1, noon. Cheng and Xiangfei on the left side, contesting on a dumpling eating match. Tung fue rue is sleeping on the right edge.
Round2, noon. Cheng is all filled up, Xiangfei is victorious. Tung fue rue is being shouted by a police officer for sleeping on the sidewalk. The Jin brothers are looking at him.
Round3, noon. Tung fue rue is up awake, Lee Pai Long is right next to him.

Italy(??) Stage-
Round1, noon- Mr.Big is in the center stage, Krauser is on the right edge.
Round2, noon- The stage starts elevating, and a castle(colesium?) in the back scrolls.
Round3, noon- Mr.Big and Krauser can be seen in the castle/colesium in the back.

- Some of the background characters are obviously rehashed sprites, but overall, the background are very nice and moves pretty well with effective use of raster scrolling. It kind of looks as though Eolith and Playmore put all their effort into the background and neglected some more important things, like adding more frames to old character movements or making the power & energy meter look better.

- Awaiting-to-fight characters are (likewise to KOF01), not in the background.

- Takuma hasn't turned into a Dan. In fact, Takuma has no fireball. When he does his Koou-ken projectile, it looks like a plain new CD attack. When he finishes his opponent off with the Haou-shoukouken in his combo DM, it looks like he's blasting the opponent away with an invisible force, using a really cute looking Kamehameha pose (new sprite).

- Robert's projectile has a new shooting pose, and it's pretty lag-free after he tosses it out.

- Ryo has his foot & hand gear on.. and still has that silly pose since KOF96.

- Ramon has a new DM. It's a powered-up version of his off-the-wall attack, and he executes a combo when it hits.

- Eolith must really like Kim. His neutral pose is unnaturally smooth, almost as though it has double the frames or so from others. Same with his moves.

- The New band team on the other hand, has new neutral poses, but their old moves are still the same frames.

- Shermie is redrawn a little bit... Her thighs seem bigger now. In fact, just check out Playmore's updated page and see for yourself. Her new crouching weak kick is kind of slow. Her new crouching fierce punch still aims upwards, but I'm not really sure how good it is as an anti-air.

- Angel has a new victory pos ewhere she unzips her jacket and reveals her inner garment.

- Some alternate colors are extremely intersting, like Zombie colored Ryo (looks a bit like evil Ryu in victory screen) and Kula colored K'.

- Time moves fast in the game.

- Chang's Hakikyaku causes an earthquake effect like Goro's ground slam, but it's motion isn't as obvious. Fairly effective.

- King, Griffion Mask,, Bob Wilson and the USA Team members are in the MExico stage- no pictures of the stage has been released as of yet.


From Kenshinpou, 2ch

- Not all DMs have an SDM version.

- There are hidden SDMs in the game, which changes the screen to a blue background with white lines running across when executed (Adopted from K9999's Hidden SDM in KOF2001). It is unknown if these SDMs can be performed at any time, or if a condition is required.

- Joe has a move which resembles his Double Cyclone from CvS2, as his Hidden SDM.

- Kim can only do his SDM Phoenix combo in the air.

- Takuma lost his Zanretsuken and Shourankyaku (dashing Knee). His Koouken no longer comes out, but has a strong hit detection around his palm..

- Choi and Vice have new supers. Kyo still has his throw super from 2001.

- Iori can cancel his Distant C. Can't connect from close Fierce C to forward +B.

- Yamazaki's sand swipe is 97 style with weak button, 98 style with fierce button.

2 Minor images of the Control panel moves list (color) are available at Channel KOF.

From KOFFreak and Channel KOF

Terry- Has Rock Howard's Shining Knuckle, MAX only special. Rising Tackle damage is big.

Yuri- Can do a Raiou-ken by QCF+P, resembles Akuma's aerial projectile. Useful.

Choi- Has a new special where he attacks with his claws in the air.

Iori- Weaker overall. Forward + A cancels, but only on the 2nd hit. Forward +b doesn't cancel. Invincibility on Maiden masher is short.

Mary- Dynamite Swing is still raging demon style command.

Shermie- F captitude is a counter throw. Uses her chest in the move. Her dash throw's motion has changed. Crouching C and B's motions have changed.

Chris- Chain slide touch has more invincibility, faster motion.

Kula- Diamond Edge hits 5 times on a normal version as well.

Lots of charatacters have dark, zombie skin in alternate colors.

Kyo and Iori have special victory poses against each other.

Orochi Yashiro, Clark, and Normal/Orochi Chris were top tiers in the beta testing and used often.

Well, It seems like most of the General info on the game are out now. -H.M

Update #2
Correction- DM is not infinitely usable in PowerMAX mode. Read below for update.

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(Update #2)

From KOFFreak and Top Page

- PowerMAX mode allows moves to be canceled with a normal special or roll, allows one free use of a DM, or a SDM with an extra stock. The remaining time on PowerMAX will deplete every time an attack is canceled (about 1/4th the full meter). Performing the DM will deplete all remaining time on the PowerMAX. PowerMAX does not allow inifinite use of DMs.

- Character illustrations are done by Nona- the same artist as KOF2001, main illustrations are done by Buriki-One artist Hiroaki.

- Character BGMs goes as follows.
Kyo- KOF96
FF Team- KOF98 FF Theme
AOF Team- KOF99 AOF Theme
Ralf, Clark- KOF94 Ikari Theme
Kim- FFSP Kim Theme
Iori- KOF97 Iori Theme
Mature, Vice- KOF98 Iori Theme
Band Team- KOF97 Band Theme
Orochi Band Members- Their themes from KOF98
KOF Special team members- Their own themes from KOF98
K' Team- KOF99 K' team theme
Seth Team- KOF00 K' team theme

Neutral Pose is Different from before. (both Normal and Orochi)
Some normal moves changed.

Neuteral pose is different.
F Capitude is reported to be a "chesty" move, possibly a counter throw (F-cup-itude?).
Crouching fierce punch has more recovery time than before.

Orochi version's neutral pose changed.
Basically same as 98.

Yamazaki, Blue Mary
Not much different from their last games.

His sparrow dropper looks cooler than his 98EX self.
Fierce stick-jump has strong detection.
Otherwise, not much different from 98.

Not much different, still strong.

Vapor Cannon wires on a counter.

Can't add an attack after D buttom throw, still can after her Type C.
But her gun is the only attack that hits opponents on the ground.
Her hook shot can be canceled on landing.

Not much different from before.

Normal move motions are faster.

Can attack with a normal move after her Ray spin.
Forward+C wires on a counter.

Has a new jumping attack move, can't guard crouching.

Unchain has changed overall.

His projectile isn't short- he only does the motion, it doesn't come out at all. (Similar to Buriki One's Ryo Sakazaki Projectiles)
Can't connect after his Hien-shippukykau.

Running Spree is slow, so it won't connect with fierce attacks.

Blue Mary
Strights slicer has weakened, can be punished on guard.

Forward+B connects to a HanaArashi.
Even faster in the air.

Tenchi-gaeshi motion is shorter.

(Update #1)

From Kenshinpou

- In VS CPU mode, the player can chose between two teams to fight before each match.

- BC "PowerMAX" mode effect is confirmed- it goes as follows: Allows anything to be canceled into a normal special, including a normal special (ie: Yamazaki sand kick > sand kick > sand kick..). Allows infinite use of DMs without using stocks. Correction Allows one DM to be done without stock, will end PowerMAX mode. Allows an SDM to be performed with an extra stock (all DMs may have an SDM version to them).

- Again, No striker system.

- In general, it feels like the usual KOF.

- Whip can move around while in her Strength Shot pose.

- Maxima has a super where he shoots out a rocket from his chest like Rocky from RoboArmy.

- Vanessa's new move is like Rick Stroud's Hellion.

- Other characters in the background include Jhun, Marco Rodriguez, HonFu, Heidern, Wang (AOF3), and Yubei Yamada. Cheng and Xiangfei are in an eating contest in the background, and Xiangfei can be seen winning after a round passes by.

- Pre-Boss Demo: A huge ship is flying. Someone presses a switch, and the ship starts exploding from all over the place. That man is Rugal. The player fights with him in the ship that's falling down.

- The Rugal is Based on KOF98's Omega Rugal, but his hair is blond. He has a move which resembles a powered up Fire Kick (Terry).

Basic System

A- Weak Punch
B- Weak Kick
C- Strong Punch
D- Strong Kick
AB- Roll (+back to backroll)
BC- PowerMAX
CD- Thrust Attack

- Throws are back to KOF98 damage.

- Guard cancel CD does damage.

- Power stock system is similar to 98 (3 on first character, 5 on third character). By pressing BC, one stock will be depleted for a PowerMAX mode, where the player can cancel any move (including a normal special) with a normal special limited time, do a free DM, or execute an SDM with an extra stock.

- Characters/Teams have their theme music (ie: Ralf, Clark: KOF94 Ikari Team / Ryo: KOF99 AOF team).

- The wire system is present, but there's not many moves that do it.

- Life meter border flashes red when a guard crush is coming close.

- 4 colors per character, selectable by the button.

- 1P Game goes as follows: 5 stages, middle boss, 6th stage, last boss.

- Only the Newface team is confirmed to have EX versions as of now.

- Random select is done with the start button.

- The victory pose illustrations are not as weird as KOF2001, though the control panel moves list pictures are.

The Missing Characters

- Shingo is a total mystery: he's the Loch Ness of KOF2002 as of now. Some beta testers are reporting that they've saw them, others are saying that they haven't seen him in the whole day. But no reliable sources report of his presence. Keep in mind that there's a good possibility that he's not actually in the game.

- Characters found in the background of stages include- King, Xiangfei, Bao, Honfu, Lin, GriffonMask, Kim Sue il, Todo dad & daughter, Cheng Shinzan, Tung Fue Rue, USA team, Bob Wilson, Jin Brothers, Eiji, Boss Team.

The Present Characters:

- Joe's neutral pose is different. Taunt is from 2001. His tiger kick burns the opponent now.

- Ryo has a support gear on, like from AOF2. His Zanretsuken has a guard point, and his uppercut is 98 style with long invincibility.

- Takuma can be thought of as a totally different character. His projectile doesn't fly, his Shippukyaku is GarouMOTW Marco style- can't be punished after a guard. His Haou-Shikouken is a normal move, doesn't fly but causes wire effcet.

- Terry's crack shoot is strong downwards (hits crouching opponents).

- Athena has long hair, and a costume similar to KOF97, with her belly button revealing and more frills. She has different animation motions for her psychoball attack, depending on weak or strong. It comes out fast. Jump CD and foot sweep graphics are different. Teleport has faster recovery.

- Benimaru has his throw back.

- Vice's normal stance has changed. It's more eerie now.

- Angel's Unchain command has changed from place to place.

- Iori's Max DM is back to his old "eating" style. He can't cancel his forward +A any more.

- Clark has a new move called "Shining Wizard", a running grab. His Ultra Aregentia's finish move has changed.

- Vanessa has a new move "Forbitten Eagle".

- Robert's projectile motion has greatly changed. Jump CD also changed.

- Mature's movement is a bit slower overall.

- Yuri can juggle after her Saifa hits.

- Kensou has his bun special back.

- Shermie has a move called F Capitude.

- Leona's life drains to half when she goes into rage mode, no stock needed (command uncertain). Currently, she can keep juggling the opponent with Moon Slashes after she footsweeps them in her rage mode.

- Mai's fan throw comes out faster now.

- Kim's Neutral pose is different. His aerial stomp is KOF94 style, hops back when guarded. Some other moves has changed in graphics as well (Hienzan, Tenshouzan).

- Chang has Kim's Hakikyaku, causes an earthquake.

Bosses, Etc:

- The "Middle boss" is a random Nest team member: K9999, Kula or Angel. Interrupts the game around between the 5th and 6th round.

- The last boss is Rugal (unknown if Omega or normal). Everyone is reporting that he's way weaker than back when he was boss in KOF98.

- Rugal's Reppuken is faster, quicker recovery time. Has 2 versions of Kaiser Waves, comes out fast and flys off fast. Dark Genocide Cutter hits 3 times (weak) or 4 times(strong)- has good horizontal range. Dark barrier has faster recovery time. Godpress hasn't changed much. Has three specials- a forward moving Genocide cutter, Gigatec Pressure, and Destruction Omega from 98.

- The staff roll has comic skits based on sprites, like from Fatal Fury Special and Art OF Fighting 2.