News From 02/20/02

Konami announces New Release "Castlevania- White Night Concerto"

Konami has revealed their next Castlevania release, "Castlevania - Hyakuya no Concerto", in Softbank publishing's Dreamcast Magazine. Originally planned as a PS2 title, the game is developed under Koji Igarashi, the producer of "Castlevania -Symphony Of The Night". The title "Castlevania - Hyakuya no Concerto" can be translated as "Castlevania- White Night Concerto" in English.

The storyline of the Castlevania takes place in 1740, inbetween the timeline of Simon Belmont (1691) and Richter Belmont(1792). The main character is Jeust Belmont. Carrying the blood of the Belmont family but also showing a strong side of the Fernandez family blood, Jeust can use his whip and sub-items to attack opponents, and in addition, use magical books to power up his sub-items as well. Two other characters are currently confirmed: Maxim Quicin- a close friend of Jeust who may be involved in the ressurection of Castlevania, and Liddy Erlanger, a friend of Jeust and Maxim since childhood, who has been taken away to Castlevania.

"Castlevania - Hyakuya no Concerto" will be a 2D action game following the system of the previous GBA release, "Circle of the moon". Additional changes will be added: the map will be larger, the graphics contrast will be brighter, character motions and graphics are refined, the LR buttons can be used for dashing, and quicksave will now be available.

Producer Igarashi explains that this is the first time the game will not actually include the name "Dracula" in the Japanese title. Now that the title has been unified for both domestic Japan and overseas, this will allow more freedom from focusing the theme on the Count, and allow more freedom in presenting the dark world from other angles. Igarashi also comments that he does have ideas for sequel(s) following that trend, and that there are possibilities for them to appear on other hardware in the future as well.

"Castlevania - Hyakuya no Concerto" is scheduled for release in June for the GBA, price undetermined. For images, check below.

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Short Comment- Title + Rominizations fixed, special thanks to Gamespot. Two other errors were fixed prior- bloodline errors, and one date error. Please excuse the problems. - "Madman" H. Moriarty

Leaf / Aquaplus Bishoujo Game maker, to Release Original Title on Xbox

Aquaplus (parent company to Leaf Co.) known for their popular bishoujo games To Heart, Comic Party and other titles, has announced an original Action RPG though Softbank Publishing's Dreamcast Magazine. Titled Tenerezza, the original software release is scheduled for the the Microsoft XBox.

The 3D based game takes place in a fantasy world, with the storyline revolving around a magical witch girl named Tenerezza. Considering herself to be the world's greatest witch, Tenerezza and her small blue partner Lolo will accept anything as a job, and the story begins as they take a request from the president.

Tenerezza is scheduled for release in the summer, price and exact date undetermined. For images, check below.

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Short Comment- Anyone who's played a game from Aquaplus knoews that they're not exactly the best when it comes to programming, especially for consumerware. It does come to show how easy it must be to program for the XBox, but it also frightens me to think of what permanant damage the game might actually do to the expensive system this time around. -"Madman" H. Moriarty

Short Comment- Kodansha on a Wallpaper Frenzy - Grab them by the 27th!

Looks like Kodansha's releasing all their featured wallpapers since their English site's come up! Grab them while they're hot, because their celebration is only from 2/14-2/27!! Special thanks to Rid Hershel for the News. -H. Moriarty

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