For discussions, check the Madman's Cafe Bulletin.

Sega and Square to work on Amusement project      - 2.10.01
Reader Comments

In an interview conducted by Softbank publishing, Sega's Co-COO (Co- Chief Operating Officer) Tetsu Kayama has revealed that Sega is currently in progress to create an amusement/arcade game in partnership with Square.

While details have not yet been mentioned,
Kayama quotes;

"It's still in its planning stage, but we're working with Square on an AM project. It'll be something incredible, that can only be played at the arcades."

The interview can be read in Softbank publishing's Dreamcast magazine, dated 2/23/01. (Note: Softbank's "Dreamcast Magazine" is not that of the American magazine, published by Imagine Media.)


Square to restart publishing FF strategy guidebooks      - 2.10.01
Reader Comments

According to the The Japan Industrial Journal, Square has announced to restart its guidebook publishings, related to the Final Fantasy series.

The guidebook to Square's Final Fantasy IX; "Online Ultimania", was released for free on the world wide web to strengthen the value and establishment of Square's online business.

However,Game guidebooks, selling a few million in copies for popular titles such as the Final Fantasy series, are a major source of income for game companies. Guidebooks also strengthen the sales of game titles themselves, acting as a source of advertisement and information. Square analyses that one of the reasons to Final Fantasy IX failing to sell over 3 million copies was due to the lack of information regarding the game.

Beginning from Final Fantasy X, guidebooks will be released again in published form.

For Japan Industrial Journal's internet site, check;

PS2 version of Sakura Wars not to be a DC conversion, two titles to come for the DC      - 2.10.01
Reader Comments

In an interview by Softbank publishing, Sega's Co-COO (Co- Chief Operating Officer) Tetsu Kayama has Quoted that the Playstation2 version of Sakura Wars will not be a Dreamcast port, and that an estimated two fan-service Sakua Wars titles will be released for the Dreamcast. Quoted by Kayama;

"...The PS2 version of Sakura Wars will not be "Sakura Wars4". It's nothing in that direction. It isn't concrete, but there are ideas for a gaiden(side story) to Sakura Wars 3 -it won't be something stupid like a port of Sakura wars 1 and 2. There's a lot of ideas, such as an Director's cut version of Sakura Wars(1) with the edited two chapters included. As the Saturn's sold 700,000, there is an aim this time for 1 million to be sold."

"If there is to be a fan service for Sega fans, this time we will be having Overworks to create about 2 Sakura Wars titles for the Dreamcast. This is promised."


Sakaguchi, CEO, and Company director to resign from Square      - 2.08.01
Reader Comments

Square has announced that its company CEO Tomoyuki Takechi, representative Vice President Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Company director Naoji Hiramatsu, will be resigning their positions as of today- 2/8/01.

< Details >

Capcom opens official page for "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5"      - 2.8.01
Reader Comments

Capcom has opend their official page for their upcoming Playstation 2 game- "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5".

For more the official page, check Capcom's site at:

Isao Okawa donates 4 company Stocks, Gives authority to Sega      - 2.07.01
Reader Comments

According to Bloomberg Japan, Sega CEO Isao Okawa has released all personal stocks of 4 companies within the CSK group ,as a part of the 85 Billion Yen of assets to be donated to Sega. The 4 companies are Sega(1.9 million stocks- 3.27 billion yen), CSK(3.65 million stocks- 890 million yen), Nextcom(2.8 million stocks- 2.14 billion yen), and ASCII(1.129 million stocks- 74 million Yen).

Okawa -the founder of Sega's parent company CSK, will lose authority as the top stockholder over CSK, and as the second to top stockholder over Sega, Nextcom and ASCII.

Together with the stocks, the authority which Okawa possessed will now be passed on to Sega itself; Sega will now hold 5.89% of CSK's share (previously under 1%), 35.02% of Nextcom's share (previously 1.32%), and 12.35% of ASCII's share (previously 9.34%).

Sega comments to have no intention to sell the stocks donated by Okawa any time soon, and will begin on considering what actions to make with them.


Square to sell "Potion"       - 2.07.01
Reader Comments

Square has announced their next CD music release; "POTION -Relaxing with Final Fantasy".

< Details >

DreamCast "Love Hina" to be sold by Limited Edition Sets Only      - 2.7.01
Reader Comments

Sega has announced their next gal-game release; "Love Hina -Smile again". "Love Hina -Smile again" will be the first game on the DreamCast to be sold only as limited edition sets.

Originally a manga in the weekly "Shounen Magazine" (Koudansha publishing), this will be the second release of Love Hina as an Adventure game for the Sega DreamCast. Likewise to the previous game, "Love Hina -Smile again" features all the characters from the manga, and an original character for the game; Mizuho Fujisawa.

All copies of the game will include the following set of goods;
Neckpiece (Neckpiece, 3 mascot figures)
Lunch set (Luncheon mat, chopsticks, chopstick rest)
Onsen set (Bath towel, Bath bowl)

"Love Hina -Smile again" is scheduled for release on 3/29, priced 8,800 Yen.

For more details, check Sega's Official site at:

SNK Changes Bonuses due to overwhelming orders      - 2.5.01
Reader Comments

Due to overwhelming popularity, SNK has announced to change the special bonuses included in the online pre-order versions of "Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection". The changes have been made due to the pre-orders exceeding the stock of bonuses scheduled for distribution to reserved customers. The changes will go as follows:

For Game + Game machine (NGP color) reservations before 2/2/01 8PM JST:
Mousepad + Phone card set + 5 set Mini book

For Game only reservations before 2/2/01 8PM JST:
5 set mini book

For Both Game only and Game + Machine reservations before 2/2/01 8PM JST:

For more details, check SNK's official site at:

Capcom and Namco to release "BioHazard Fire Zone" -Beta test begins      - 2.2.01
Reader Comments

Capcom has announced their next release for the popular "BioHazard" series- BioHazard Fire Zone.

BioHazard Fire Zone is created in collaboration of Capcom and Namco. The game will be an arcade release, featuring gun shooting throughout a freely moveable 3D field.

BioHazard Fire Zone will be on public beta testing on 2/3 - 2/4, at Capcom Plaza, Tokyo, Japan.

Public Release

Sega reported to "lay off small number in US" relating to DreamCast      - 2.2.01
Reader Comments

Softbank owned online news site ZDNet News, reports Sega to have "layed off a small number of jobs at its US headquarters".

According to ZDNet, Sega's Spokesman Charles Bellfield did not make clear as to how many workers were cut, but that there remain about 125 employees remaining in hire. The jobs cut were marketing and quality assurance workers, tied to the Dreamcast console.

For the article, check ZDnet's site at:

Images of Virtua Fighter 4 characters released      - 2.1.01
Reader Comments

Sega has released image of characters to be in Virtua Fighter 4. Images of three characters- Akira, Lau and Pai have been released, with Lau and Pai both having changes in their costumes.

Virtua Fighter 4 will make its debut in the AOU show on 2/24/01. Although it has been made clear that a demo movie which will include the playing screen of the game will be shown, Sega has not announced the game to be actually playable at the show.

Virtua Fighter 4 is scheduled for release on Dreamcast and Playstation 2, with first release in Arcades -Naomi 2.

Naomi 2 (left) & Naomi | Akira | Iau | Pai

Sega to drop Dreamcast Price over 50%      - 2.1.01
Reader Comments

Sega of Japan has announced to lower prices of the Dreamcast, from the current 19,900 Yen to 9,900 Yen. The change in 10,000 Yen will be effective from 3/1/01, due to Sega having the same number of Dreamcast consoles in stock for the next fisical year, as the number sold for this fisical year.

For more information, check Sega's site at:

Guilty Gear X Magazine collaboration to begin, novel released      - 2.1.01
Reader Comments

"Guilty Gear X" -the recent game released for the Arcades & Dreamcast by Sammy and Arc System Works, will have an original section under a magazine by SoftBank publishing. The section, titled "Guilty Gear Xtacy", will be published not in Softbank's weekly "Dreamcast Magazine", but their other magazine; "The Playstation".

"Guilty Gear Extacy" will be written with full cooperation of Guilty Gear X's producer/illustrator Daisuke Ishiwatari. The monthly section is planned to provide "a dream collaboration project" between fans and the producer. The section will also include fresh drawn illustrations by Ishiwatari as well.

Quoted from Guilty Gear Xtacy- "This is the ultimate in a section for fans, with its final purpose to port Guilty Gear X to the Playstation 2".

"Guilty Gear Xtacy" will start its section in "The Playstation", beginning 2/2/01.

In related news to publishing, Guilty Gear X's novel has been released in 1/22/01. Published by Enterbrain Co, Guilty Gear X's novel features storyline written by Norimitsu Kaihou and illustrations drawn by Daisuke Ishiwatari.
Guilty Gear X's novel is currently on sale, ISBN#: 4-7577-0276-0, priced 640 Yen.

GGXtacy Illust | GGX Novel Cover

Portable phone site game services begin- Sega opens "Sonic Cafe"      - 2.1.01
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Sega has opened a site named Sonic Cafe. Sonic Cafe, a site compatible to NTT's web service I-mode, is designed for viewing under portable/cellular phones. By becoming a member of the site and paying a monthly fee, members can play games on their portable phone. The game programs are fully assembled with Java(currently 10KBytes max), providing smooth graphics and sound.

Multiple number of companies also have in plan to provide games for the I-mode as well, with Namco and Hudson soft already releasing games such as ports of their hit games "Pac-Man" and "Star Soldier".

As stated in the previous article "SCEI and NTT to deliver Playstation < > I-Mode services worldwide", NTT will also be porting their I-mode services in partnership with SCEI, for use in North America, and other countries.

Sonic Cafe | Nights | Pac-Man | Star Soldier

Sega makes Official announcement for Discontinuation of DreamCast Consoles
Plans to release games for Playstation 2 and X-Box
      - 1.31.01
Reader Comments

Today - 1/31/01 -6:30 PM Tokyo, Japan: In the Toshou Stock Exchange, Sega's Vice President Hideki Satou and special advisor Tetsu Kayama announced Sega's decision to discontinue the production of their home console "DreamCast (DC)".

< Details >

SCEI and NTT to deliver Playstation < > I-Mode services worldwide      - 1.30.01
Reader Comments

In 1/29, SCEI and Major communications group NTT Docomo have announced plans to deliver their collaborated network service to nations abroad.

< Details >

Sega Officially announces Virtua Fighter 4, site opened      - 1.30.01
Reader Comments

Sega has officially changed the project name VF-X to VF-4.
No details have been given to VF-4 as of yet.

VF-4 is scheduled to premire in the AOU show scheduled for 2/24/01.

For Sega's official VF-4 site, check

Square to use customized language for PlayOnline contents      - 1.30.01
Reader Comments

According to the press release of Square's meeting held in 1/22/01, Square will be using their own, customized language - PML, for Play Online contents.

PML which stands for PlayOnline Markup Language, will have higher processing abilities than the standard HTML language used for the WWW. This will allow faster viewing of contents, "like flipping through a comic" according to Square.

Likewise, Square will be releasing the PlayOnline Viewer and Navigator to be used for its viewing. E-mail and chat will also be supported by the program(s).

For Square's Press release, check Square's Official site at

Interview with Nintendo CEO; Square rejected, Sega accepted      - 1.30.01
Reader Comments

In 1/29, Bloomberg Japan has conducted an exclusive interview to Nintendo's CEO, Hiroshi Yamauchi. The following are a number of points which have been made clear from the interview.

< Details >

Square announces two versions of FFX, lists tentative 20 upcoming titles      - 1.30.01
Reader Comments

Square has announced two versions of Final Fantasy X to be retailed, and lists some titles of the upcoming 23 line-ups.

< Details >

Square announces Year 2002 to be "Final Fantasy Year"      - 1.25.01
Image from previous Coca-cola tie-up
Reader Comments

According to the press release of Square's meeting held in 1/22/01, Square will be projecting a full scale promotion in 2002, named "Final Fantasy Year".

"Final Fantasy Year" will be a collation of numerous promotions, in order to create a synergy of the brand name "Final Fantasy", and the numerous media to be released during the period, including the online service "Final Fantasy XI" and "Final Fantasy -the movie".

No details have been released as to what "Final Fantasy Year" will be consisted of, but industrial tie-ups has been announced as one of the methods of promotion.

Coca-Cola corporation has been announced as one of the companies to tie-up with Square for Final Fantasy XI, likewise to Final Fantasy VII - IX. Cola-Cola co. will also be tying up with Square on Final Fantasy X as well.

Whether Final Fantasy Year will be projected only to Japan or worldwide, is not known.

For Square's Press release, check Square's Official site at

Mcdonalds to enter the videogame business      - 1.25.01
Image from press release
Reader Comments

Mcdonalds has announced to release stand-alone Video Game Kiosks "McMagination" in a number of their restaurants, allowing children to "play the latest video games via an in-store computer system".

The game kiosks are created between Mcdonalds and Compaq, based on Compaq's Deskpro PC featuring a 700MHZ Pentium III, 128M SDRAM, 9GB Ultrawide SCSI, and ATI Rage Pro. The monitor is a 17 inch S710 model, also by Compaq. In addition, Nintendo will provide hardware for the McMagination- namely, the Nintendo 64. The kiosk will feature the shape of Mcdonalds character such as Ronald Mcdonald and Grimace.

Mcdonalds aims the McMagination for children ages 4-7(kids), and 8-15(teenagers). For "kids", the McMagination are designed to suit their height, and for "teenagers", the games feature more "grown-up" graphics, controllers and monitors to suit their height.

McMagination games are scheduled to be updated every 6 weeks.

For more information and the press release kit, check Compaq's site at

Square announces Title of Theme song to Final Fantasy X      - 1.25.01
Reader Comments

Square has announced the theme song title of Final Fantasy X to be "Suteki da ne" in Japanese. The phrase, translated to English, means "It's wonderful".

For information and song samples of FFX's theme song vocalist RIKKI, check the official site.

Office RIKKI'

Sega releases public statement following DC reports      - 1.24.01
Reader Comments

Sega of Japan has released an official statement through its public relations. The following is its translation.


< Details >

Sega releases line-up of 26 upcoming Dreamcast games      - 1.24.01
Reader Comments

Sega has released a list of 26 games scheduled to be released for the Dreamcast after this fiscal year.

Included in their list are ; The House Of The Dead 3, Shin Space Channel 5, Shemmue 2,and Crazy Taxi 2, and a number of other popular titles.

< Details >

Namco releases "Tales of" series site, limited time only      - 1.24.01
Reader Comments

Namco has opened its official site of the popular "Tales Of" series (Tales of Eternia, Tales of Fantasia, etc). -the promotional site, features a number of interactive sections such as a chatroom featuring its game characters, make-you-online manga, and personality checking.

Membership to use the site's features is free. is scheduled to be opened for a limited time until March.

For the site, check

Nikkei reports Sega Discontinuation of Dreamcast and company restructure      - 1.23.01
Reader Comments

According to the Nikkei news, Sega has decided today to discontinue the manufacture of Dreamcast consoles after March. Sega plans to cut down on red ink by discontinuing the production of home consoles which has been creating deficit, and restructure as a company based on software development.

< Details >

Sega stock rises 18% after media release of Playstation 2 news      - 1.23.01
Reader Comments
According to Bloomberg Japan, Sega's stock ended today (1/23/01) at 1263 Yen- a rise of 193 Yen, or 18.04%. The rise occured due to reports on the 22nd by a number of media, that Sega will be releasing game software(s) to Sony's next-generation machine, Playstation 2.

Sega 's public relation comments to reports from the media; "We have announced in November that we will be taking a multi-platform strategy, porting games to the PC and other hardware. However, we are still considering on which hardware(s) to supply to."

According to the Jiji Communications, the decision to port games to the Playstation 2 comes as an effort by Sega to recover business performance, leaving Sega to also consider releasing games for the Microsoft corporation's X-Box as well.

Jiji Communications also reports that Sega is planning to release a public announcement on their drastic business restructure plans by the end of the month.

Square announces Final Fantasy 12 in development,
FF11 for PC, FF 7-9 for the PS2, FF2-3 for the WSC, etc
      - 1.22.01
Reader Comments

In the Business strategy meeting for analysts today (1/22/01), Square has announced their next line-up in the Final Fantasy series; Final Fantasy XII (12), to already have begun in production. Also announced were a number of other line-ups for next-generation machines.

< Details >

Images & Details on Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5      - 1.22.01
Reader Comments

Capcom has released more detail on their upcoming game, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5. The news was released in the magazine which the series is published in; the Shounen Jump magazine.

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5 will not be a fighter game as the previous Jojo Part 3 was, but a 3D action game for the Playstation 2.
No release date or price has yeet been scheduled.

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is currently running its 6th chapter in the Weekly Shounen Jump; Shuueisha publishing.

Image 1 | Image 2 | Full Scan

Square announces FFX to be delayed- First red ink in Company History       - 1.19.01
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Square has announced their decision to delay the release of Final Fantasy X to the next fisical season, causing the first deficit in the history of its company.
< Details >

Interview with Final Fantasy X Developers       - 1.19.01
Reader Comments
In a recent interview conducted to the Final Fantasy X staff by Enterbrain Co., a number of factors reguarding the game has been made clear.
< Details >

Street Fighter Zero Upper promotion art released       - 1.19.01
Reader Comments
The following is the promotional art of Street Fighter Zero Upper, taken from a poster. Special thanks to sender Zack , and .

Street Fighter Zero Upper will be developed by Capcom, and distributed by Sega starting Febuary.
For Game Page, check

SNK releases details on Super Real Mahjong -Premium Collection-       - 1.18.01
Reader Comments
SNK has announced details to release the latest in the popular Mahjong
game series "Super Real Mahjong": Super Real Mahjong -Premium
Collection-, for the NeoGeoPocket Color.
< Details >

Square releases FFX section in PlayOnline, Music sample in BGM       - 1.17.01
Reader Comments
Square has opened their Final Fantasy X section in Play Online.
< Details >

Dreamcast to be re-architectured against Copy Software       - 1.17.01
Reader Comments
Sega has announced their decision to begin a new production line of re-architectured Dreamcast consoles. The newly engineered Dreamcast consoles, will have protection against playing back CD-R.

The change of hardware comes due to current Dreamcasts being able to play games burnt to CD-R, with the use of special software. As a side effect, MIL CDs will no longer be useable in the new Dreamcasts.

Sega has already begun retailing Dreamcasts with the new architecture, beginning from the "Limited Edition Sakura Wars" set, released 12/28/00.

Street Fighter Zero Upper announced       - 1.17.01
No Image
Reader Comments
Capcom and Sega has announced to release Street Fighter Zero Upper, for the arcades. Street Fighter Zero Upper will be the Naomi version of "Street Fighter Zero 3 -Saikyouryu Dojo", previously released for the DreamCast.

In addition to Survival mode, Dramatic battle and Final battle useable from the startup screen, Characters created with the Dreamcast version of SFZ3- Saikyouryu Dojo, can be used in SFZUpper with the use of the VMU.

Street Fighter Zero Upper will be developed by Capcom, and distributed by Sega starting Febuary.

Grand Tursimo 3 to be delayed to April       - 1.17.01
Reader Comments
SCEI has announced the additional delay of Grand Turismo 3 -A Spec, to April. Originally planned for release in 2/15/01, SCEI explains the delay to be caused by "additional cars announced this year, and the improvement of the software quality".

The exact date scheduled for April release, has not been specified.
For more details and information on Grand Turismo 3, check GT3's site at

Square mid-term Stockholder Report Released       - 1.16.01
Reader Comments
Square released mid-term reports for stock holders.
< Details >

Square releases details on Final Fantasy X      - 1.15.01
Reader Comments
Square has released details to their upcoming Playstation 2 RPG, Final Fantasy X.
< Details >

Capcom announces Gachapon line-up for beginning of 2001      - 1.13.01
Reader Comments
Capcom has announced their next line-up of Gachapon goods.
< Details >

Vocalist for Final Fantasy X theme song Announced by Square      - 1.10.01

Reader Comments
Square has announced Japanese singer RIKKI (Ritsuki Nakano) to be their official vocalist for the theme some of their upcoming Playstation 2 RPG, Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X's theme song (not yet released to public) has already been completed by the series' music composer, Nobuo Uematsu last year in 10/4/00, and its lyrics in 11/3/00.

Song samples of RIKKI are available via her production web site-
Office RIKKI'

SNK HeadQuarter moves to Tokyo, Japan      - 1.10.01
Reader Comments
While delayed news, SNK's headquarter has now been changed to Tokyo, Japan. Its address now matches that of Aruze Co., with the exception of being located in a different structure.

Likewise, the former SNK Headquarter, located in Osaka, Japan, is now labeled as "Osaka Office".

Together with a number of other companies under the Aruze Group label, SNK Headquarters is now located in Ariake, Minato-ku of Tokyo Japan. Other companies under the Aruze Group label include Eleco co., Mizuho, SystemStaff co., Adars, and Seta co., known for their Mahjong games.

It is not clear if this change of location is only for document purposes due to the acquisition of SNK by Aruze, or if the Headquarter has physicially moved as well.

KOF2000 English Home version to be released Exclusively?      - 1.8.01
NGF-USA / NGF Distributors Ltd. , has announced that they
will be distributing a limited set of 100 English home cartridge units,
exclusively. Updated 1.10.01
< Details >
Reader Comments

Latest in X-Box Revealed at CES,
"This is a breakthrough device. It's a new thing for Microsoft."
      - 1.7.01
Microsoft has revealed their latest information on the X-box, and its Mock sample at the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

For details and ASX (windows media player) clips of the actual show, check The official XBox site at-

For Cnet's article coverage on X-Box at the CES, check

For a parody explanation of how the controller of X-box was created, check

Aruze New Samurai Shodown Release: Pachinko Slot Machine      - 1.7.01
Aruze makes their first release of a SNK character related
game in the form of a Pachinko slot machine.
< Details >

Capcom announces Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5      - 1.7.01
Capcom has announced their next Jojo project at the
Shounen Jump Festival, held 12/23-24/00.
< Details >

List of SNK Artist Sites      - 1.7.01
Released prior in the Madman's Cafe Bulletin, the following
is the latest update in the listing of SNK artist sites.
In most cases, the artists use names different from their work nicks.

The Site of Eiji Shirai, who most SNK fans should know as the official illustrator for the Samurai Shodown series. Currently does Freelancing.
The site of Tonko, known well as the artist of the Last Blade, and Garou- Mark of the Wolves-. Currently works at "a company that makes Pachinko and Games".
The site of Yuujirou, whose works can be seen in a number of endings and gallarie options, such as KOF98.

Interview with Capcom vs SNK game Developers      - 12.24.00
In an interview conducted to two Capcom vs SNK
developers, details to what had shaped the game into
its mold have been revealed.
< Details >

More Rumors Surround to Revival of KOF Series      - 12.24.00
Korean Game maker Eolith now claims to have right to
KOF Series, following the company Brezza.
< Details >

Xmas gift from The Madman's Cafe- Rare SNK Illustrations       - 12.24.00
A library of SNK artworks have been released,
right in prior to moving to the next millenium.
< Details >

Xmas gift from The Madman's Cafe- New GGX Illustrations      - 12.24.00
A preview to some of what will arrive later in the
GGX section in the Madman's Cafe.
< Details >

Xmas gift from The Madman's Cafe- SFEX Secret Files Scans      - 12.24.00
KWhile Street Fighter EX may be out of date as
a game, its Secret files still delivers good humor.
< Details >

Rurouni Kenshin author begins new series "Gun Blaze West"      - 12.23.00
Rurouni Kenshin author Watsuki Nobuhiro,
began his new series in the Weekly Jump starting 12/12/00.
< Details >

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