April, 2002

- Outline of Square Investors Meeting from 4/05 reported by MSN Money
- "Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines" - First Photo shots Released
- Final Fantasy XI Opening Trailer released
- Soul Calibur 3 Advertisement Released (ChallengerAM)

- Pia Carrot to become Motion Picture Anime (Akiba K News Headline)
- Square PlayOnline Hardware Revealed at Sun Microsystems Seminar
- Playmore Sues Aruze 3.6 Billion Yen for Copyright Violations (AM Press)
- Rage of the Dragons - Additional Illust Released
- Short Comment- "Project Midway" - XBox Code Named after World War II Event against Japan
- Short Comment- Bread, Chips, Fries... Heated Carbohydrates Possibly cause of Cancer

- Additional Soul Calibur 2 Details and Images Released (Impress Gamewatch)
- "NINE" - Shin Megami Tensei Official Site Opens
- Gamespot to Begin Paid Services, Free Services to gain Limit
- Short Comment- Kicking Balls with Lego.

- Puzzle Bobble Online in Beta Testing, Free Services
- Guilty Gear XX Delayed to 5/22 (G-Front.com)
- Short Comment- Japanese Tourists Clueless in War Zone, Locals Stare in Disbelief
- Short Comment- Watch Your "Back" while Web Surfing.

- Short Comment- Busy Day. So again, Short-Style news!

- Short Comment- Quick Runthrough for today.

- Treasure Denies Ikaruga scheduled for Home Consoles- "Undecided at the Present" (Dengeki Online)
- Tokyo Game show details Released, To Be Sponsored by CESA and Nikkei BP
- Short Comment- Final Fantasy XI Official Walkthru- in Animated Manga Style
- Short Comment- Glove on Fight (The Flash)

- "Glove on Fight" Details and Images Released (Watanabe Seisakujo)
- Short Comment- What the US Military doesn't want you to Know

- Additional information on Final Fantasy XI- Classes, Moogle & Fishing
- Guilty Gear XX - Additional Images Released (Impress Gamewatch)
- Short Comment- The Mystery of "The Rage Of The Dragons" Select Screen

- "Rage OF The Dragons" Official Evoga site Opened
- "Final Fantasy XI - Premium Movie" Released (Advanced Internet Integration)
- Soul Calibur 2 - Additional Images Released (Impress Gamewatch)

- King Of Fighters 2000 - Dreamcast version images Released
- Short Comment- KOF 2000, 2001 and Metal Slug 3 for the Playstation 2 ???

- Rage Of The Dragons - Video Footages Released
- "Capcom vs SNK 2 EO" announced for Nintendo GameCube
- Guilty Gear XX - Additional images released

- Guilty Gear XX - First Footage released

- "Xenosaga Episode 2" Already in Production (Gpara.com)
- Short Comment- Slow weekend, good for Vacance

- Short Comment- A few notes for the day

- TRIGUN, GunGrave & full Sega GameJam Announcement Footage Released (Level Up)
- Capcom opens Official "Capcom vs SNK PRO" Playstation version section/site
- Short Comment- Final Fantasy. . . . seems really.. "Unlimited"...

- Playmore & SNKNeoGeo site open, Details Revealed - SNKNeoGeo America and more
- "The Planet GunSmoke - TRIGUN" Sega GameJam Footage (IGN)
- Square Launches Official Kingdom Hearts English site
- April Fools- Yesterday was Insane : All News April Fools

- April Fools- Marvel vs Capcom 3 Confirmed for development- Closed testing Screenshots Available
- April Fools- Guilty Gear announced for TV anime series, To begin airing in June
- April Fools- Short Comment- Spanking makes it all worth the buy.