February, 2002

- Final Fantasy XI Release Date Announced (Impress Gamewatch)
- Kingdom Hearts TV Commercial Released
- Guilty Gear XX to Begin Beta testing, March 1 - 3
- K.O.F.Perfect Returns in new Host
- Guilty Gear Desktop Accessories Announced
- "SNK All Poster Collection" announced by Village Center
- Eternal Fighter Zero ver1.10 patch Released, new Demo Avaliable
- Short Comment- Xbox Launch, Sales, & Roundup in Japan
- Short Comment- Remember that Dragonball Appetizer? Well..

- Nintendo President Yamauchi to Resign Seat (Mainichi News)
- Short Comment- Bill Gates Experiences Japangrish, First Hand

- TRIFORCE and New Arcade machines Revealed at AOU Show
- Soul Calibur 2 AOU Footages & Images released by Challenger AM
- Kingdom Hearts Digicube Promotional Footage Released by Ruliweb
- High Quality 60fps Jet Set Radio Future Footage released by GameSpot Japan
- Tekken4 Digicube Promotional Footage Released by Ruliweb
- Guilty Gear XX High Quality Images Released (Impress Gamewatch)
- Sakura Wars 4 Digicube Promotional Footages Released by Ruliweb
- Wild Arms 3 Digicube Promotional Footage Released by Ruliweb
- Short Comment- XBox Machine & Controller Comparison, Sony Cautious?

- Tekken to become Hollywood Action Movie (Hollywood Reporter)
- Playmore to Re-release Garou MOTW and Last Blade 2 on DC as "SNK Best Buy"
- Updated: XBox Japanese controllers confirmed to work with US software (NCSX)

- Konami announces New Release "Castlevania- White Night Concerto"
- Leaf / Aquaplus Bishoujo Game maker, to Release Original Title on Xbox
- Short Comment- Kodansha on a Wallpaper Frenzy - Grab them by the 27th!

- Nintendo, Sega & Namco to Collaborate on GameCube-Based Arcade 3D Board
- Soul Calibur 2 Beta Test Footages Released by "The Challenger"
- Kingdom Hearts Instant Chicken Noodle announced by Nissin Foods
- Short Comment- Upcoming Capcom vs SNK 2 Mini-Figures

- Short Comment- Quick Updates for a Tired day, and... BioHazard not Really GameCube Only?

- Photos Released for Biohazard & Major Party PS2 Online Games (Gpara)
- Bistro Cupid Delayed to Spring, No release date (Gpara)
- Short Comment- Happy Valentines Day! Almost forgot ...

- Biohazard & Major Party Online Games Announced for Playstation 2 (Gamespot, Gamewatch)
- Capcom vs SNK Pro to be Released in 4/18 for Playstation (NTT EG)

- Short comment- The Mad is Back! MMCafe now hosted by GameSpy Networks
- SNK succeeded by Playmore, KOF2002 Confirmed for MVS Development
- Capcom vs SNK 2 - Japan National Tournament Footage [Gamer No Futokorokatana]
- Guilty Gear XX- Additional Characters, Storylines, Game Details & Images Released
- Success to port HongKong Date-sim game to XBox- Bistro Cupid
- Virtua Fighter 4, Jet Set Radio Future Japanese Commercials
- Final Fantasy X Voice Extractor Version 1.2 Released
- Short Comment- Bill Gates is Dead.
- Short Comment- Onimusha2 Macfarlane Figures