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Last characters in SNK Heroines leaked

Posted Jun 20 2018 at 16:31 (Wed)

Back in 2000, SNK stunned the world with a "Miss X" in the original Gals Fighters, which was an Iori Yagami in a bancho schoolgirl outfit. While the developers for SNK Heroines played dumb about the character in interviews and downplayed their recognition that the character was popular, they were probably chuckling to themselves knowing that they had a new cross-dressing surprise in store for the game they were working on.

However, they made the small mistake of writing the actual character name in the game's trophies, which isn't a good move in the current internet era where things get publicized beyond the control of the publisher.

The full listing of trophies for SNK Heroines have been posted up on PSN Profiles, and together with confirming that Mui Mui is in the game, it also reveals something quite interesting.

(Warning: Spoiler Ahead)

This certainly isn't the first time that spoilers were discovered through trophies before the game's launch, which in some ways is inevidable when releasing titles on the PlayStation family platform. For publishers, it comes as a good reminder to keep trophy descriptions more vague when they want to protect their surprises.

So the question remains, will the hotdog-gnawing hero heroine of Southtown appear cross-dressed, or will he be Midnight Blissed through some odd storyline? At least judging from the silouette, the latter seems more likely.

Thanks to KensouADV for the news.

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